Study Guide & Laboratory Manual for Physical Examination & Health Assessment,
Edition 9
By Carolyn Jarvis, PhD, APN, CNP and Ann L. Eckhardt, PhD, RN

Publication Date: 03 Feb 2023

Both a comprehensive lab manual and a practical workbook, the Study Guide & Laboratory Manual for Physical Examination & Health Assessment, 9th Edition gives you the tools you need to master physical examination and health assessment skills in the lab and in clinical practice. Corresponding to the bestselling Jarvis textbook, this guide features terminology reviews, application activities, clinical judgment questions, regional write-up sheets, and narrative summary forms, with answers to study questions at the back of the book to facilitate both learning and review. The 9th edition has been thoroughly updated with a fresh focus on the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN), with case studies featuring new NGN question formats to prepare you not only for the skills laboratory, but for success on the NCLEX® and in interprofessional collaborative practice.

Key Features

  • Authoritative review and guidance for laboratory experiences, personally written by the textbook authors, provide a seamlessly integrated study and clinical experience.
  • Consistent format includes Terminology Review, Study Guide, and Clinical Judgment Questions in each chapter.
  • Physical examination forms familiarize you with what you will encounter in clinical practice and offer practice in documenting the patient history and examination findings.
  • The only full-color, illustrated lab manual available for a nursing health assessment textbook with anatomy exercises that align with the main text.

New Features

  • NEW! Clinical judgment exercises equip you for success on the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN), including questions with an increased focus on clinical judgment, robust single-episode case studies that employ the latest NGN question types, and unfolding case studies which reflect the language of the NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model.
  • NEW! Chapter 33 includes unfolding case studies for the NGN that present opportunities for you to practice prioritizing, decision-making, and using clinical judgment skills.
  • NEW! Increased emphasis on activities focused on higher cognitive levels (Applying and above).
  • UPDATED! Critical Thinking Exercises offer suggested readings based on your participation in the skills lab and discussions with your instructor.
  • UPDATED! Content corresponds to the 9th edition of the Jarvis textbook and incorporates the latest research and evidence-based practice.
About the author
By Carolyn Jarvis, PhD, APN, CNP, Professor Emerita, School of Nursing, Illinois Wesleyan University; Certified Nurse Practitioner (retired), Bloomington, Illinois and Ann L. Eckhardt, PhD, RN, Associate Chair of Clinical Education, College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Department of Graduate Nursing, The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas
Table of Contents
1 Evidence-Based Assessment
2 Cultural Assessment
3 The Interview
4 The Complete Health History
5 Mental Status Assessment
6 Substance Use Assessment
7 Family Violence and Human Trafficking
8 Assessment Techniques and Safety in the Clinical Setting
9 General Survey and Measurement
10 Vital Signs
11 Pain Assessment
12 Nutrition Assessment
13 Skin, Hair, and Nails
14 Head, Face, Neck, and Regional Lymphatics
15 Eyes
16 Ears
17 Nose, Mouth, and Throat
18 Breasts, Axillae, and Regional Lymphatics
19 Thorax and Lungs
20 Heart and Neck Vessels
21 Peripheral Vascular System and Lymphatic System
22 Abdomen
23 Musculoskeletal System
24 Neurologic System
25 Male Genitourinary System
26 Anus, Rectum, and Prostate
27 Female Genitourinary System
28 The Complete Health Assessment: Adult
29 The Complete Physical Assessment: Infant, Young Child, and Adolescent
30 Bedside Assessment and Electronic Documentation
31 Pregnancy
32 Functional Assessment of the Older Adult
33 Next-Generation NCLEX® (NGN) Examination–Style Unfolding Case Studies
Appendix A Answers to Clinical Judgment Questions
Appendix B Answers to Next-Generation NCLEX® (NGN) Examination–Style Unfolding Case Studies
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Page Count: 368
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