Mulholland’s The Nurse, The Math, The Meds - Binder Ready,
Edition 5 Drug Calculations Using Dimensional Analysis
By Susan Turner, RN, MSN, FNP

Publication Date: 10 Jun 2022

Use the simplicity of dimensional analysis to make accurate drug calculations! Mulholland’s The Nurse, The Math, The Meds, 5th Edition helps you overcome any math anxiety you may have by clearly explaining how to use the dimensional analysis method to minimize drug calculation errors. First, a review of basic math ensures that you remember essential math skills. The book then shows how to analyze and set up problems, estimate a reasonable answer, and evaluate the answer for accuracy. From nursing educator Susan J. Turner, this edition includes plenty of practice exercises as well as new Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) case studies to prepare you for the NGN exam.

Key Features

  • UNIQUE! Useful FAQs and answers in each chapter are based on years of classroom questions compiled by the author.
  • UNIQUE! Communication boxes show sample nurse-patient and nurse-prescriber dialogues that can help reduce medication errors.
  • UNIQUE! Ask Yourself questions help you synthesize information and reinforce your comprehension.
  • Rapid Practice quizzes provide practice problems following each new topic, making it easy to master both math concepts and drug calculation at the same time.
  • Mnemonics offer shortcuts to make memorization easier, and save time in learning.
  • Red arrow alerts call attention to potential math errors and patient safety issues.
  • High-risk drug icons are used to highlight potentially dangerous drugs.
  • QSEN competencies are included where appropriate.
  • Multiple choice-format questions at the end of each chapter help you review the material and prepare for the NCLEX® exam.
  • Chapter finals boost your understanding by providing additional practice with the major concepts covered in each chapter; the answer key shows how to work out the problems.
  • Comprehensive final practice boosts your understanding by providing additional practice with the major concepts covered through the entire text; the answer key shows how to work out the problems.

New Features

  • NEW! Next Generation NCLEX® case studies are included in the chapters on antidiabetes, anticoagulants, pediatrics, and advanced IV calculations.
  • NEW! All drugs and their medication labels are updated, with new drugs and labels added and discontinued drugs and labels removed.
  • NEW and Updated! Coverage of diabetic and anticoagulant drugs adds new medications and replaces those that have been discontinued.
About the author
By Susan Turner, RN, MSN, FNP, Professor of Nursing, Gavilan College, Gilroy, California
Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1 Math Review
CHAPTER 2 Dimensional Analysis Method
PART II Metric System and Medication Calculations
CHAPTER 3 Metric Units and Conversions
CHAPTER 4 Patient Records, Medication Orders, and
Medication Labels
PART III Reconstituted Medications
CHAPTER 5 Oral Medications
CHAPTER 6 Syringes for Injection
CHAPTER 7 Reconstitution of Medications
PART IV Parenteral Medications
CHAPTER 8 Injectable Medications
CHAPTER 9 Basic Intravenous Calculations
CHAPTER 10 Advanced Intravenous Calculations
PART V Common High-Alert Medications
CHAPTER 11 Antidiabetic Medications
CHAPTER 12 Anticoagulant Medications
PART VI Medications for Infants and Children
CHAPTER 13 Pediatric Medications
APPENDIX B ISMP’s List of High-Alert Medications
APPENDIX C 5-Minute Sample Verbal Communication
Hand-Off Report
APPENDIX D Sample Medication Administration Errors
and Potential Clinical Outcomes
APPENDIX E Apothecary System and Household
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Page Count: 576
Illustrations : Approx. 884 illustrations (884 in full color)
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