Mosby's® Pathophysiology Memory NoteCards,
Edition 3 Visual, Mnemonic, and Memory Aids for Nurses
By Julia Rogers, DNP, RN, CNS, FNP-BC

Publication Date: 30 Dec 2022

Use this set of colorful cards to learn and remember pathophysiology! With 96 full-color cartoons covering pathophysiology concepts, Mosby’s® Pathophysiology Memory NoteCards uses humor and mnemonics to make review easier and more fun. These durable cards are useful in preparing for the NCLEX® or classroom exams, as a clinical reference, for writing care plans, or for patient teaching information. This convenient study tool may be used as either a spiral-bound notebook or as individual flashcards.

Key Features

  • UNIQUE! 96 full-color, illustrated mnemonics cover key pathophysiology concepts.
  • Concise What You Need to Know monographs on each card provide more detailed information and specific nursing implications.
  • UNIQUE! Color highlights emphasize four central topics — serious/life-threatening implications in pink, common clinical findings in blue, important nursing implications in yellow, and patient teaching in green.
  • Colored tabs make it easy to find specific topics.
  • Sturdy, spiral-bound cards offer durability as well as portability.

New Features

  • NEW! All-new cartoons cover contemporary and timely pathophysiology topics, including epigenetics and pulmonary immunology.
About the author
By Julia Rogers, DNP, RN, CNS, FNP-BC, Associate Professor and Coordinator, DNP Program College of Nursing Purdue University
Table of Contents
1 Body's Self-Defense
2 Cellular Proliferation
3 Pulmonary System
4 Cardiovascular System
5 Hematologic System
6 Endocrine System
7 Musculoskeletal System
8 Sensory System
9 Nervous System
10 Gastrointestinal System
11 Hepatic and Biliary Systems
12 Renal and Urologic System
13 Reproductive System
14 Integumentary System
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