Fundamentals of Nursing,
Edition 3 Active Learning for Collaborative Practice
By Barbara L Yoost, MSN, RN, CNE, ANEF and Lynne R Crawford, MSN, MBA, RN, CNE

Publication Date: 03 Mar 2022

Build a solid foundation in the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a nurse! Designed specifically for today’s students, Fundamentals of Nursing, 3rd Edition takes a fresh, conversational approach that is friendlier than typical books on nursing fundamentals. To make understanding easier, the book introduces basic information first and then follows with progressively more nuanced and complex nursing concepts. Practical exercises provide a unique kind of active learning, allowing you to apply concepts to actual patient care. Even care planning is different, as authors Barbara L. Yoost and Lynne R. Crawford are pioneers of conceptual care mapping — a visual, holistic way of making clinical judgments and planning patient care. Essentially, this text offers an easier, fundamentally different way to learn the nursing profession!

Key Features

  • UNIQUE! Building-block approach uses review questions and exam questions tied to learning objectives, starting at lower Bloom's taxonomy levels in the early chapters and building to more complex levels as you acquire more knowledge.
  • UNIQUE! Warm, friendly writing style introduces concepts and terms more slowly, giving you time to practice, think critically, and gain mastery.
  • Case studies open each chapter with real-world scenarios, helping you build analytical, critical thinking, and clinical judgment skills.
  • Coverage of complementary therapies is integrated throughout the text, reflecting changes to the NCLEX® exam.
  • Emphasis on assignment and delegation describes the differences between the two skills, and how and when they are appropriate for an RN.
  • UNIQUE! Objective-driven approach presents clearly defined, numbered learning objectives that coordinate with all content and then wrap up with Objective Summaries.
  • UNIQUE! Active learning activities help you apply chapter content to broader nursing concepts and realistic patient scenarios.
  • UNIQUE! Conceptual care mapping is used throughout the text in conjunction with the Conceptual Care Map creator to help you develop clinical judgment and plans of care.
  • Boxed features cover the areas of interprofessional collaboration and delegation, ethical and legal practice, patient education and healthy literacy, health assessment questions, diversity considerations, evidence-based practice and informatics, home care considerations, QSEN, and safe practice alerts.

New Features

  • NEW! Clinical Judgment in Nursing chapter introduces the concept of clinical judgment and the six NCSBN Clinical Judgment Measurement Model Skills.
  • NEW! Clinical judgment steps are integrated within the nursing process.
About the author
By Barbara L Yoost, MSN, RN, CNE, ANEF and Lynne R Crawford, MSN, MBA, RN, CNE
Table of Contents

Chapter 01: Nursing, Theory, and Professional Practice

Chapter 02: Values, Beliefs, and Caring

Chapter 03: Communication

Chapter 04: Clinical Judgment in Nursing (NEW!)

Chapter 05: Introduction to the Nursing Process

Chapter 06: Assessment

Chapter 07: Data Analysis/Nursing Diagnosis

Chapter 08: Planning

Chapter 09: Implementation and Evaluation

Chapter 10: Documentation, Electronic Health Records, and Reporting

Chapter 11: Ethical and Legal Considerations

Chapter 12: Leadership and Management

Chapter 13: Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research

Chapter 14: Health Literacy and Patient Education

Chapter 15: Nursing Informatics

Chapter 16: Health and Wellness

Chapter 17: Human Development: Conception Through Adolescence

Chapter 18: Human Development: Young Adult Through Older Adult

Chapter 19: Vital Signs

Chapter 20: Health History and Physical Assessment

Chapter 21: Ethnicity and Cultural Assessment

Chapter 22: Spiritual Health

Chapter 23: Public Health, Community-Based, and Home Health Care

Chapter 24: Human Sexuality

Chapter 25: Safety

Chapter 26: Asepsis and Infection control

Chapter 27: Hygiene and Personal Care

Chapter 28: Activity, Immobility, and Safe Movement

Chapter 29: Skin Integrity and Wound Care

Chapter 30: Nutrition

Chapter 31: Cognitive and Sensory Alterations

Chapter 32: Stress and Coping

Chapter 33: Sleep

Chapter 34: Diagnostic Testing

Chapter 35: Medication Administration

Chapter 36: Pain Management

Chapter 37: Perioperative Nursing Care

Chapter 38: Oxygenation and Tissue Perfusion

Chapter 39: Fluid, Electrolytes, and Acid-Base Balance

Chapter 40: Bowel Elimination

Chapter 41: Urinary Elimination

Chapter 42: Death and Loss

Appendix A

Appendix B


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