Hough’s Cardiorespiratory Care,
Edition 6
By Alexandra Hough, MSc MCSP CertEd Dip TP

Publication Date: 01 Feb 2025
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By Alexandra Hough, MSc MCSP CertEd Dip TP, Respiratory physiotherapist and clinician and lecturer
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Part 1 Physiology and pathology

1 Physiological basis of clinical practice

2 Assessment

3 Respiratory disorders

4 Cardiovascular disorders

5 General management

Part 2 Physiotherapy techniques

6 Physiotherapy to increase lung volume

7 Physiotherapy to clear secretions

8 Physiotherapy to decrease the work of breathing

9 Pulmonary rehabilitation

10 Physiotherapy for people with cardiovascular disorders

11 Cardiac rehabilitation

Part 3 Surgery

12 Complications

13 Physiotherapy for surgical patients

14 Modifications for different types of surgery

Part 4 Physiotherapy for specific groups of people

15 Infants

16 Children

17 Hyperventilation syndrome

18 Elders with cardiorespiratory disease

19 Palliative respiratory physiotherapy

Part 5 Critical care

20 Critical care, support and monitoring

21 Physiotherapy for critically ill patients

22 Modifications for different disorders

Part 6 Evaluation of cardiorespiratory physiotherapy

23 Does it work?

Glossary of abbreviations, definitions, symbols and values


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