Macleod's Clinical Examination,
Edition 15
Edited by Anna R Dover, PhD FRCP(Ed), J. Alastair Innes, BSc PhD FRCP Ed and Karen Fairhurst, PhD FRCGP

Publication Date: 20 Apr 2023

Fifty years since it was first published and now fully revised, Macleod’s remains the textbook of choice for medical students, junior doctors, nurses and allied health practitioners who understand that excellence in clinical examination is integral to good practice.

The fifteenth edition will teach you how to take a history and carry out proficient clinical examination, in order to elicit the key clinical symptoms and signs of disease. It covers general principles, relevant history, examination and investigations for all the major body systems – and how to effectively apply these skills to specific clinical situations and prepare for assessment.

Macleod’s Clinical Examination is enhanced with 32 supplementary videos demonstrating key clinical examination routines described in the book, many new and revised for this edition in line with latest guidance and best practice.

Key Features

  • Primarily focused on the practical skills required by medical students and early career stage clinicians
  • Explains the physical basis of clinical signs to aid understanding
  • Introduces the formulation of a differential diagnosis
  • Provides logical initial investigations for each body system
  • Comes with access to the complete, fully searchable and downloadable eBook

New Features

  • Enhanced sections on adapting skills to particular situations, including the challenges of remote consultation and infection control
  • Updated text and images, to ensure the content is relevant to a diverse readership and patient population
  • Latest clinical decision-making models to aid the learner’s diagnostic reasoning
  • 8 brand new videos produced especially for this edition covering:

    • Obstetric examination
    • Gynaecological examination
    • Assessment of fluid balance
    • Examination of the hand and wrist
    • Examination of the foot and ankle
    • Examination of the neck
    • Examination of the foot in diabetes and peripheral vascular disease
    • The timed up and go test
About the author
Edited by Anna R Dover, PhD FRCP(Ed), Consultant in Diabetes, Endocrinology and General Medicine, Edinburgh Centre for Endocrinology and Diabetes, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh; Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, UK; J. Alastair Innes, BSc PhD FRCP Ed, Consultant Physician, Respiratory Unit, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh; Honorary Reader in Respiratory Medicine, University of Edinburgh, UK; Karen Fairhurst, PhD FRCGP, General Practice Principal, Mackenzie Medical Centre, Edinburgh and Clinical Senior Lecturer, Centre for Population Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh, UK
Table of Contents
1 Managing clinical encounters with patients
2 General aspects of history taking
3 General aspects of examination
4 The cardiovascular system
5 The respiratory system
6 The gastrointestinal system
7 The nervous system
8 The visual system
9 The ear, nose and throat
10 The endocrine system
11 The reproductive system
12 The renal system
13 The musculoskeletal system
14 The skin, hair and nails
15 Babies and children
16 Patients with mental illness and learning disability
17 The frail patient
18 The deteriorating patient
19 The dying patient
20 Reaching and communicating a diagnosis
21 Adapting skills for practice
22 Preparing for assessment
Book details
ISBN: 9780323847704
Page Count: 464
Retail Price : £44.99

Medical Students - training to be effective doctors

Junior doctors - studying for postgraduate examinations including MRCP (UK) PACES.

Nurse practitioners - both in primary and secondary care involved in patient assessment and management.

Paramedics and ambulance workers - required to know how to examine patients and take a history from them.

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