Back to Basics,
Edition 1 Ethics for Behavior Analysts
By Amanda N. Kelly, Emily Shraga and Lara Bollinger

Publication Date: 29 Aug 2023
In day-to-day practice, behavior analysts face many complex challenges that require both an accurate interpretation of ethical guidelines and a fair amount of independent judgment. Back to Basics: Ethics for Behavior Analysts guides readers on how to prevent conflicts and develop comfort where there is discomfort, while it also effectively and ethically disseminates information about the science of behavior analysis. The book includes both student and instructor resources, along with supplemental readings, podcast episodes, scenarios, essay prompts, and instructor quiz questions, making it a valuable resource for early career and seasoned analysts alike. Informed by the authors’ decades of practice, this book provides a guide on how to successfully navigate ethical dilemmas using real-life scenarios.

Key Features

  • Features a number of ethical scenarios faced by practicing behavioral analysts
  • Contains step-by-step guides to resolving conflicts
  • Highlights relevant ethical code elements
  • Includes additional materials for instructors and students
About the author
By Amanda N. Kelly, Behaviorbabe; Emily Shraga, Behavior Specialist, Fredericksburg City Public Schools and Lara Bollinger, Attorney, Shub & Associates, P.C.
Table of Contents

Introduction and roadmap for ethical decision making
1. Responsibility as a professional
2. Responsibility in practice
3. Responsibility to clients and stakeholders
4. Responsibility to supervisees and trainees
5. Responsibility in public statements
6. Responsibility in research

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ISBN: 9780323855662
Page Count: 160
Retail Price : £61.95
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Instructor Resources
Students (both undergraduate and graduate) studying to become behavioral analysts or psychologists, and current Behavioral Analysts