Global Health and Nursing,
Edition 1 A New Narrative for the 21st Century
By Barbara Stilwell, Phd, MSc, BSocSc, RN, RHV

Publication Date: 01 Sep 2024
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Nurses are critical in addressing the great health challenges we now face. For the first time, Global Health and Nursing provides an overview of global health issues specifically for nurses. Critical topics covered in this exciting new book include the social determinants of health, planetary health, globalisation and migration. It highlights the importance of investment in the nursing profession, the role of gender, and how nurses can find a global voice to become influential leaders as we rebuild health systems post-pandemic. Written by Dr Barbara Stilwell, one of the UK’s most influential nurses and a champion for health workers and strong health systems, the book is suitable for all those interested in global health, including postgraduate nurses, nurse educators, practising nurses and nurses taking global health programmes.

Key Features

  • Written by eminent British nurse, researcher and academic Dr Barbara Stilwell, with contributions from major players in global nursing
  • Covers a broad range of issues relevant to all those interested in global health, from the nurse’s viewpoint
  • Explores the most critical issues facing world health today, including planetary health, decolonising nursing, nurse migration and nursing in emergencies
  • Focus on leadership and how to find a global voice
  • Real life case studies drawn from around the world – learn from your peers
  • Research-based findings on the effects of COVID on the nursing workforce
  • Closely linked to the work of the International Council of Nurses
About the author
By Barbara Stilwell, Phd, MSc, BSocSc, RN, RHV, Executive Director, Nursing Now Global Campaign
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ISBN: 9780323877800
Page Count: 252
Illustrations : Illustrated
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Post graduate nurses studying global health.