Massage Therapy,
Edition 7 Principles and Practice
By Susan G. Salvo, EdD, LMT, BCTMB

Publication Date: 05 Dec 2022

Trust this approachable, all-in-one text to help you master the essential principles of massage therapy! Covering massage fundamentals, techniques, and anatomy and physiology, Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice, 7th Edition prepares you for success in class, on exams, and in practice settings. This user-friendly text includes more than 700 images, expanded information on the latest protocols, critical thinking questions at the end of each chapter, and updated pathologies which reflect what you will encounter in the field.

Key Features


  • Simple, straightforward coverage is written in a clear, approachable manner to strengthen student comprehension.
  • UNIQUE! Combined anatomy and physiology and fundamentals material make this a streamlined solution — one book to buy, one book to carry, one complete resource to reference.
  • Certification Practice Exam mimics the major certification exams and provides excellent practice for board review.
  • Critical thinking questions at the end of the chapters help students develop clinical reasoning skills.
  • Robust art program enhances understanding and comprehension of each topic presented through a mixture of high-quality illustrations and clinical photographs.

New Features

  • NEW! Updated Hydrotherapy and Spa chapter features the latest procedures.
  • NEW! Expanded sports massage section in the Clinical Massage chapter offers additional information on this growing practice area.
  • NEW! Revised artwork in the Kinesiology chapter clearly illustrates key concepts.
About the author
By Susan G. Salvo, EdD, LMT, BCTMB, Director of Education and Instructor at Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy
Table of Contents
1 History of Massage: Prehistoric Times to the Modern Era and Professional Societies, Organizations, and Associations
2 The Therapeutic Relationship: Ethics, Cultural Competencies, and Boundaries
3 Tools of the Trade: Tables, Accessories, Linens, Lubricants, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, and the Massage Environment
4 Career Longevity: Wellness, Wellbeing, and Self-Care
5 Evidence-Informed Practice and Research Literacy
6 Massage Therapy Research
7 Body Mechanics, Client Positioning, and Draping
8 Massage Techniques, Mobilizations, Stretches, Endangerment Sites, and Contraindications
9 Concepts of Disease, Standard Precautions, Transmission-Based Precautions, Disinfection Procedures, and Emergency Preparedness
10 Professional Standards: Scope of Practice, Standards of Care, Assessments, Documentation, Informed Consent, Treatment Planning, and Referrals
11 Special Populations: Massage for Pregnant and Postpartum Clients, Infants, Children, Adolescents, Aging Adults, and Those With Visual, Hearing, and Mobility Impairments
12 Hydrotherapy: Clinical Applications, Spa Applications, and Spa Procedures
13 Foot Reflexology: Principles and Practice
14 Clinical Massage: Pain Theories and Pain Management, Clinical Assessments, and Clinical Application Methods
15 Seated Massage: Principles and Practice
16 Asian Bodywork Therapy: Shiatsu, Thai Massage, and Ayurvedic Principles
17 Business Practices: Getting Started, Marketing, Professional Development, Accounting, and Planning
18 Introduction to the Human Body: Medical Terminology, Cells, Tissues, and Body Compass
19 Skeletal System, Pathologies, Disorders, and Injuries
20 Muscular System, Pathologies, Disorders, and Injuries
21 Kinesiology
22 Integumentary System, Pathologies, Conditions, and Injuries
23 Nervous System, Pathologies, Disorders, and Injuries
24 Endocrine System and Pathologies
25 Reproductive System, Pathologies, Conditions, and Disorders
26 Cardiovascular System, Pathologies, and Disorders
27 Lymphatic System, Pathologies, and Conditions
28 Respiratory System, Pathologies, Conditions, and Disorders
29 Digestive System, Pathologies, Dysfunctions, and Disorders
30 Urinary System, Pathologies, and Disorders
Biography Index
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