Health and Wellbeing at Work for Nurses and Midwives,
Edition 1
Edited by Holly Blake, PhD, CPsychol, AFBPsS, PGCHE, BA (Hons), SFHEA and Gemma Stacey, PhD, MN, RN (MENTAL HEALTH), PGCHE, PFHEAD

Publication Date: 23 Nov 2022

This important new book provides the first comprehensive compilation of strategies for promoting physical and mental wellbeing, specifically for nurses and midwives.

Written by experts on workforce health and wellbeing in conjunction with the Florence Nightingale Foundation, the book emphasises the importance supporting the wellbeing of self and others, even during times of extreme stress such during winter or when dealing with COVID-19. It covers multiple aspects of self-care, including how to tackle shift work, prevent dehydration and cope with moral injury and guilt – all illustrated with real-life case studies from nurses and midwives working at the coalface.

Health and Wellbeing at Work for Nurses and Midwives is suitable for students right through to Chief Nursing Officers and is applicable to readers from all countries. It is sure to stand the test of time as a trusted guide to this crucial aspect of the professional lives of nurses and midwives.

Key Features

  • Authentic case studies bring concepts to life
  • Written in a conversational and accessible style – suitable for readers of all levels
  • Contributions from across the nursing and midwifery workforce speak directly to the nursing/midwifery experience
  • Key recommendations for translating theory to practice
  • Reflective exercises used throughout to allow readers to engage deeply with the strategies and ideas
  • Edited by experts in their fields and based on evidence
About the author
Edited by Holly Blake, PhD, CPsychol, AFBPsS, PGCHE, BA (Hons), SFHEA, Professor of Behavioural Medicine, School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK and Gemma Stacey, PhD, MN, RN (MENTAL HEALTH), PGCHE, PFHEAD, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, The Florence Nightingale Foundation, London, UK
Table of Contents
SECTION 1 The Case for Health and WellBeing at Work
1 Why Health Care Employers Should Promote Health: The Costs of Ill Health at Work
2 Caring for Yourself, To Care for Others: Prioritising Self-Care
3 How Staff WellBeing Relates to Patient Experiences of Care
4 How Stress and Anxiety Affect the Body
5 Understanding Compassion Fatigue and Burnout
SECTION 2 Managing Emotions in Difficult Times
6 Untangling Difficult Emotions on the Job
7 Starting Conversations About Your Mental Health
8 Dealing With Anxiety and Low Mood
SECTION 3 Wellbeing Needs at Different Times
9 Shiftwork, Sleep, and Managing Fatigue
10 WellBeing Needs During Periods of Fasting
11 Mental WellBeing in Nursing and Midwifery Students
12 WellBeing and Late Career Nurses and Midwives
SECTION 4 Enhancing Wellbeing at Work
13 Psychologically Safe Working Environments
14 Clinical Supervision and WellBeing
15 Developing Teamwork and Social Support Across Occupational Boundaries
16 Enhancing Health and WellBeing Through Shared Governance
17 Acknowledging the Emotional and Social Challenges of Nursing and Midwifery Through Schwartz Rounds
18 Supporting Distressed Colleagues Using Psychological First Aid
19 Being Physically Active
20 Healthy Eating, Diet, and Obesity
21 The Impacts of Dehydration and Staying Hydrated at Work
22 The Challenge of Health and WellBeing in a Crisis
23 The Future of Health and WellBeing at Work
Book details
ISBN: 9780323880534
Page Count: 188
Retail Price : £29.99

Nurses, Midwives, Nursing Students, Midwifery Students