Animal Restraint for Veterinary Professionals,
Edition 3
By C. C. Sheldon, DVM, MS and James Topel, CVT

Publication Date: 12 Jun 2023

Master proven techniques for the handling and restraint of common animals! Providing clear guidelines to each procedure, Animal Restraint for Veterinary Professionals, 3rd Edition includes photos showing the exact steps needed to achieve safe restraint of animals seen in the veterinary clinic and visited on farm calls. Separate chapters are devoted to each domestic animal species, including cats, dogs, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, rodents, ferrets, and birds. This edition adds descriptions of new restraint techniques for cats, dogs, and other species. Written by expert veterinary technician instructors C.C. Sheldon, and James A. Topel, this practical guide also includes a chapter on knot tying!

Key Features

  • Step-by-step guidelines make it easy to understand safe, commonly used restraint procedures, and include alternative restraint techniques for several different species.
  • More than 500 full-color images and a clear, non-technical writing style depict and simplify animal restraint concepts.
  • Comprehensive coverage includes normal and abnormal animal behavior characteristics, precautions, special handling, restraint devices, and descriptions of special restraint techniques for medical procedures such as venipuncture.
  • Restraint Principles chapter summarizes the considerations for proper restraint, animal safety, circumstances for restraint, the effect of restraint on animals, and complications.
  • Knot Tying chapter presents basic types of knots that may be used to safely restrain larger animals.

New Features

  • NEW! Additional restraint techniques are included for several species.
  • NEW! Restraint of Cats chapter is updated to include guidelines and photos for the removal of cats from a carrier, examination in a carrier, and examination in a towel on the handler's lap.
  • NEW! Restraint of Dogs chapter is updated to include canine head control using a towel, along with safe techniques for administering intramuscular injections to aggressive dogs including the use of a door as a squeeze area and hip catch.
  • NEW! Learning objectives, chapter outlines, and key terms are added to the beginning of each chapter.
About the author
By C. C. Sheldon, DVM, MS, Program Director, Veterinary Technician and Laboratory Animal Technician Programs, Madison Area Technical College, Madison, WI, USA and James Topel, CVT, Instructor, Vet Tech and Lab Animal Tech, Madison Area Technical College, Madison, WI, USA
Table of Contents
1. Restraint Principles
2. Knot Tying
3. Restraint of Cats
4. Restraint of Dogs
5. Restraint of Cattle
6. Restraint of Horses
7. Restraint of Sheep
8. Restraint of Goats
9. Restraint of Swine
10. Restraint of Rodents, Rabbits and Ferrets
11. Restraint of Birds
Appendix 1: Gender Names
Appendix 2: Physiologic Data
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ISBN: 9780323881432
Page Count: 256
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