Human Embryology and Developmental Biology,
Edition 7
By Bruce M. Carlson, MD, PhD

Publication Date: 21 Nov 2023

Bruce Carlson’s Human Embryology and Developmental Biology is one of the most detailed texts available for those who want to truly understand both the morphological and molecular aspects of human embryological development.

Fully updated in its seventh edition, the book provides a thorough grounding in all aspects of embryology. It presents in detail the molecular and cellular basis for embryological processes, from early development through to development of body systems. It covers examples of congenital malformations and their underlying mechanisms, and comes complete with clinical vignettes and review questions to support learning.

This book will suit medical and science students taking embryology courses as well as scientists and clinicians who find themselves returning to this topic throughout their careers.

Key Features

  • Clear and consistent writing style – highly readable and well-focused
  • Extensively illustrated to demystify complex topics
  • Good selection of original photographs of congenital anomalies to assist with identification
  • Review questions and suggested readings for further learning
  • Series of animations of complex embryological processes to accompany the text explanations
  • Clinical correlation boxes, vignettes and summary boxes for quick revision
  • An enhanced eBook version is included with purchase. The eBook allows you to access all the text, figures and references, with the ability to search, customize your content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud

New Features

  • Many new drawings and photographs
  • Thoroughly updated with recent research to advance understanding
  • Expanded treatment of newly understood molecular pathways.
  • Major updates on gametes, body axis formation, placental pathology, adipose tissue, intestinal and facial development
About the author
By Bruce M. Carlson, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology and Director, Institute of Gerontology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Table of Contents

PART 1 Early Developmental and the Fetal-Maternal Relationship
1 Getting Ready for Pregnancy
2 Transport of Gametes and Fertilization
3 Molecular Basis of and Genetic Methods for Studying Embryonic Development
4 Cleavage and Implantation
5 Formation of Germ Layers and Early Derivatives
6 Establishment of the Basic Embryonic Body Plan
7 Placenta and Extraembryonic Membranes
8 Developmental Disorders
PART 2 Development of the Body Systems
9 Integumentary, Skeletal, and Muscular Systems
10 Limb Development
11 Nervous System
12 Neural Crest
13 Sense Organs
14 Head and Neck
15 Digestive and Respiratory Systems and Body Cavities
16 Urogenital System
17 Cardiovascular System
18 Fetal Period and Birth
Answers to Clinical Vignettes and Review Questions

Book details
ISBN: 9780323881685
Page Count: 528
Retail Price : £59.99

Medical and Science students taking Embryology courses (both US and international). Graduate/Undergraduate courses focusing on mammalian and human development, e.g. genetic counselling. Graduate Students taking Developmental Biology.