How to be a Successful Nursing Student,
Edition 1 New Notes on Nursing
Edited by Natalie Elliott and Teresa Chinn, MBE

Publication Date: 22 Nov 2023

Welcome to nursing! How to be a Successful Nursing Student is the first volume in a new series created especially for you, the nursing student at the start of your nursing journey. It covers the most important elements required to study successfully, prepare effectively and get the most from your nursing degree, in order to excel in your career. You will also get an invaluable introduction to a range of key topics, covered in more detail in other books in the series.

The New Notes on Nursing series presents key topics in a highly accessible way, without making assumptions about your existing knowledge. Concise volumes cover critical and emerging areas, including cultural competence, digital professionalism, politics and activism, clinical placements and more. The aim is to make content engaging and easy to absorb, focussing just on what is essential for success on your course. Using a relaxed writing style and an all-new design, these unique books provide personal guidance from experts and students alike. So when you are in a hurry and need a study companion you can trust, reach for New Notes on Nursing!

Key Features

  • Case studies and storytelling approaches help link theory to practice
  • Graphics, icons and mind maps enhance the text and aid visual learners
  • Written to show how specific knowledge relates to wider concepts
  • Learning is presented in small, self-contained sections for quick location and digestion
  • Terms and concepts are explained using simple language
  • Content is clearly mapped to latest NMC standards
  • Accompanying videos provide additional insights and bring study to life
About the author
Edited by Natalie Elliott and Teresa Chinn, MBE
Table of Contents
1 Notes on the student Experience
2 Notes on Study Skills
3 Notes on Professionalism in Nursing
4 Notes on Digital Professionalism
5 Notes on Clinical Placements
6 Notes on NUrsing Models
7 Notes on Cultural Competence
8 Notes on Politics and Activism
9 Notes on Student Leadership
10 Notes on What Next?
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Year One nursing students.