Principles of Nuclear Rocket Propulsion,
Edition 2
By William J. Emrich, Jr.

Publication Date: 23 Mar 2023
Principles of Nuclear Rocket Propulsion, Second Edition continues to put the technical and theoretical aspects of nuclear rocket propulsion into a clear and unified presentation, providing an understanding of the physical principles underlying the design and operation of nuclear fission-based rocket engines. This new edition expands on existing material and adds new topics, such as antimatter propulsion, nuclear rocket startup, new fuel forms, reactor stability, and new advanced reactor concepts. This new edition is for aerospace and nuclear engineers and advanced students interested in nuclear rocket propulsion.

Key Features

  • Provides an understanding of the physical principles underlying the design and operation of nuclear fission-based rocket engines
  • Includes a number of example problems to illustrate the concepts being presented
  • Contains an electronic version with interactive calculators and rotatable 3D figures to demonstrate the physical concepts being presented
  • Features an instructor website that provides detailed solutions to all chapter review questions
About the author
By William J. Emrich, Jr., Senior Engineer, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL, USA (retired) and Adjunct Professor, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Rocket Engine Fundamentals
3. Nuclear Rocket Engine Cycles
4. Interplanetary Mission Analysis
5. Basic Nuclear Structure and Processes
6. Neutron Flux Energy Distribution
7. Neutron Balance Equation and Transport Theory
8. Multigroup Neutron Diffusion Equations
9. Thermal Fluid Aspects of Nuclear Rockets
10. Turbomachinery
11. Nuclear Reactor Kinetics
12. Nuclear Rocket Stability
13. Fuel Burnup and Transmutation
14. Radiation Shielding of Nuclear Rockets
15. Materials for Nuclear Thermal Rockets
16. Nuclear Rocket Engine Testing
17. Safety Considerations for Nuclear Rocket Engines
18. Advanced Nuclear Rocket Concepts

I. Table of Physical Constants
II. Thermodynamic Properties of Several Gases
III. Selected Data from NERVA Tests

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Page Count: 426
Illustrations : 160 illustrations (140 in full color)
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Advanced undergraduate students, early graduate students, and professionals in the field of propulsion