Actuarial Principles,
Edition 1 Lifetables and Mortality Models
By Andrew Leung

Publication Date: 13 Jan 2022
Actuarial Principles: Lifetables and Mortality Models explores the core of actuarial science: the study of mortality and other risks and applications. Including the CT4 and CT5 UK courses, but applicable to a global audience, this work lightly covers the mathematical and theoretical background of the subject to focus on real life practice. It offers a brief history of the field, why actuarial notation has become universal, and how theory can be applied to many situations. Uniquely covering both life contingency risks and survival models, the text provides numerous exercises (and their solutions), along with complete self-contained real-world assignments.

Key Features

  • Provides detailed coverage of life contingency risks and survival models
  • Presents self-contained chapters with coverage of key topics from both practitioner and theoretical viewpoints
  • Includes numerous real world exercises that are accompanied by enlightening solutions
  • Covers useful background information on how and why the subject has evolved and developed
About the author
By Andrew Leung, Senior Consultant and Research Associate, Towers Perrin and Russell Investments; Senior Lecturer and program founder in Actuarial Studies, Monash University, Australia
Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Deep Learning and Financial Modeling
2. Deep Learning and Addressing the Class Imbalance Problem
3. Predicting Interest Rates and Spreads Using Deep Learning
4. Predicting Stock Market prices using Deep Learning
5. Predicting Inflation Rates using Deep Learning
6. Analyzing the GDP using Deep Learning
7. Predicting Exchange Rates using Deep Learning
8. Asset Allocation Optimization Using Deep Learning
9. Deep Learning, Credit Scoring and Underwriting
10. Deep Learning and Fraud Detection
11. Deep Learning and Sentiment/News Analysis
12. Banking and Insurance Solvency Capital Calculation Using Deep Learning
13. Insurance Pricing Using Deep Learning
14. Conclusion

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ISBN: 9780323901727
Page Count: 262
Illustrations : Approx. 100 illustrations
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Advanced undergraduate and graduate courses
Researchers/Professionals - qualified/certified actuaries in insurance, pensions, health