Determinants of Addiction,
Edition 1 Neurobiological, Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sociocultural Factors
By Justin R. Yates

Publication Date: 12 Dec 2022

Why can two people use a drug and one person becomes addicted while the other does not? Determinants of Addiction: Neurobiological, Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sociocultural Factors unravels the complexities underlying addiction to understand how individual factors at the genetic, cellular, anatomical, cognitive–behavioral, and sociocultural level can influence susceptibility to substance use disorders. The first section reviews the neurobiological determinants of addiction and examines how drugs hijack the reward pathway and alter numerous neurotransmitter systems such as dopamine. The second section covers the behavioral–cognitive determinants of addiction such a conditioning, memory processes, and decision-making. The final section examines individual differences in addiction vulnerability, with a focus on personality factors, sociocultural factors, sex/gender, and stress. The book references commonly used drugs such as nicotine, ethanol (alcohol), opioids, and cocaine.

Key Features

  • Explores differentiating factors that influence why people develop a substance use disorder
  • Introduces the cellular and anatomical pathways of addiction
  • Identifies genes implicated in substance use disorders
  • Reviews role of conditioning in the development of substance use disorders
  • Includes personality, sex/gender and sociocultural factors in addiction
  • Discusses the influence of peers and stress on addiction process
About the author
By Justin R. Yates, Associate Professor, Psychological Science, Northern Kentucky University, USA
Table of Contents

I: Prologue
1. Introduction to addiction: Substance use disorders

II: Neurobiological mechanisms of addiction
2. Pharmacological actions of commonly used drugs
3. Neuroanatomical and neurochemical substrates of addiction
4. Molecular and cellular mechanisms of addiction

III: Behavioral and cognitive mechanisms of addiction
5. Learning mechanisms of addiction: operant conditioning
6. Learning mechanisms of addiction: Pavlovian conditioning
7. Attentional and memory processes underlying addiction
8. Maladaptive decision making and addiction

IV: Individual and sociocultural factors linked to addiction
9. Individual differences in addiction: focus on personality traits
10. Social and sociocultural factors associated with addiction
11. Stress and addiction
12. Gender and sex differences in addiction

V: Epilogue
13. Beyond substance use disorders:Behavioral addictions

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