Disaster Communications in a Changing Media World,
Edition 3
By George Haddow and Kim S Haddow

Publication Date: 17 Oct 2022
Disaster Communications in a Changing Media World, Third Edition provides valuable information for navigating these priorities in the age of evolving media. The emergence of new media like the Internet, email, blogs, text messaging, cell phone photos, and the increasing influence of first informers are redefining the roles of government and media. The tools and rules of communications are evolving, and disaster communications must also evolve to accommodate these changes and exploit the opportunities they provide. This book illuminates the path to effective disaster communication, including the need for transparency, increased accessibility, trustworthiness and reliability, and partnerships with the media.

Key Features

  • Includes case studies from recent disaster events
  • Demonstrates how to use blog posts, text messages, and cell phone cameras, as well as government channels and traditional media, to communicate during a crisis
  • Examines current social media programs conducted by FEMA, the American Red Cross, state and local emergency managers, and the private sector
  • Explores how social media has emerged as a force in disaster communications
About the author
By George Haddow, Principal, Bullock & Haddow LLC, Senior Fellow, Disaster Resilience Leadership Institute, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, USA and Kim S Haddow, National Communications Director, Sierra Club
Table of Contents
1. Communications: The Critical Function
2. The Changing Media World
3. The "New" Newsroom
4. Disaster Coverage Past and Present
5. Principles of a Successful Communications Strategy
6. Application of Communications Principles to all Four Phases of Emergency Management
7. Disaster Communications Audiences
8. How to Adapt to the Changing Media Environment
9. Case Studies
10. Climate Change
11. Communicating During a Public Health Crisis
12. Building an Effective Disaster Communications Capability in a Changing Media World
Book details
ISBN: 9780323906111
Page Count: 210
Retail Price : £49.95
Emergency management professionals; security managers; homeland security directors; corporate communications and PR professionals; Students in emergency management and disaster preparedness programs