Nuclear Engineering,
Edition 1 Mathematical Modeling and Simulation
By Zafar Ullah Koreshi

Publication Date: 22 Mar 2022

Nuclear Engineering Mathematical Modeling and Simulation presents the mathematical modeling of neutron diffusion and transport. Aimed at students and early career engineers, this highly practical and visual resource guides the reader through computer simulations using the Monte Carlo Method which can be applied to a variety of applications, including power generation, criticality assemblies, nuclear detection systems, and nuclear medicine to name a few. The book covers optimization in both the traditional deterministic framework of variational methods and the stochastic framework of Monte Carlo methods.

Specific sections cover the fundamentals of nuclear physics, computer codes used for neutron and photon radiation transport simulations, applications of analyses and simulations, optimization techniques for both fixed-source and multiplying systems, and various simulations in the medical area where radioisotopes are used in cancer treatment.

Key Features

  • Provides a highly visual and practical reference that includes mathematical modeling, formulations, models and methods throughout
  • Includes all current major computer codes, such as ANISN, MCNP and MATLAB for user coding and analysis
  • Guides the reader through simulations for the design optimization of both present-day and future nuclear systems
About the author
By Zafar Ullah Koreshi , Professor and Dean Graduate Studies, Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan
Table of Contents

1. The atom and nuclear radiation
2. Interactions of neutrons with matter
3. Nuclear reactors
4. Mathematical foundations
5. The neutron diffusion equation
6. The neutron transport equation
7. The Monte Carlo method
8. Computer codes
9. Optimization and variational methods
10. Monte Carlo simulation in nuclear systems
11. Comparison: mc vs deterministic
12. Exercises in Monte Carlo simulation
13. Optimization in nuclear systems
14. Monte Carlo simulation in medical physics

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ISBN: 9780323906180
Page Count: 548
Illustrations : 220 illustrations (70 in full color)
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Graduates on energy/mechanical/nuclear courses’; researchers and early career researchers involved with neutron physics with knowledge of basic mathematics. Textbook on Nuclear/Mechanical/Energy or Physics courses