Diagnosis and Management of Hereditary Cancer,
Edition 1 Tabular-Based Clinical and Genetic Aspects
By John W. Henson and Robert G Resta

Publication Date: 14 Apr 2021

Many hereditary cancer syndromes are linked to alterations in single genes. Detection and clinical interpretation of these alterations can guide cancer risk reduction for patients and their families through screening, prophylactic measures, and other strategies. Diagnosis and Management of Hereditary Cancer summarizes hereditary syndromes and their associated cancers and genes. The information is presented in 50 practice-enhancing tables that relate clinical, genetic, diagnostic, and management aspects in a manner that has previously not been available in a single reference. Intended to guide the specialist as well the novice, this volume will elevate the care of hereditary cancer patients and their families.

Key Features

  • Unique table-based presentation of 50 key aspects of hereditary cancer
  • Clinical features, genetics, genetic testing, diagnosis, counseling, and management of multiple hereditary cancer syndromes
  • Table-based format to inter-relate clinical and scientific information
  • Landscape layout for easier viewing of tabular information
About the author
By John W. Henson, MCG Hereditary Cancer Clinic, Georgia Cancer Center, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University, Augusta, GA and Robert G Resta, Genetic Counselor, Swedish Hereditary Cancer Clinic, Seattle, Washington, USA
Table of Contents

I. Genetics
II. Genetic Testing
III. Clinical Features
IV. Tumors - Syndromes - Genes
V. Classic Hereditary Cancer Syndromes

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Clinicians, oncologists, cancer researchers, geneticists, researchers with an interest in hereditary cancer and cancer genetics, genetic counselors, cancer surgeons, neuro-oncologists, gastroenterologists, internists, and family practitioners