Edition 1 Synthesis, Properties, and Emerging Applications
Edited by Valentina Sessini, Srabanti Ghosh and Marta E.G. Mosquera

Publication Date: 26 Apr 2023
Biopolymers: Synthesis, Properties, and Emerging Applications presents the state-of-the-art in biopolymers, bringing together detailed information on synthesis strategies, processing and cutting-edge applications. The book begins by introducing the synthesis, processing and structural and functional properties of smart biopolymers and bionanocomposites. Subsequent chapters focus on the synthesis and preparation of biopolymers with valuable properties or for specific advanced applications, including piezoelectric properties, shape memory properties, biodegradable polymer blends, synthesis and assembly of nanomaterials, synthesis of green biopolymers, and catalytic synthesis of bio-sourced polyesters and polycarbonate, as well as applications in active food packaging, water purification, biomedicine, 3D printing, and automotive.

Throughout the book, there are analyses of different synthesis strategies and processing methods and their role and use in different fields of application, whilst the important challenges relating to scalable processing and shaping and micro and nano structuration are also discussed. The book also strives to balance the synthetic aspects of biopolymers with physical principles, highlighting biopolymer-based architectures including composite or hybrid conjugates, providing in-depth discussion of important examples of reaction mechanisms, and exploring potential applications of biopolymer and conjugates, ranging from physical to chemical and biological systems.

Key Features

  • Provides the reader with a broad and detailed overview of the latest advances in biopolymers, covering synthesis, processing, properties and applications
  • Examines synthesis strategies and processing methods, focusing on green and sustainable catalytic synthesis approaches for biopolymer production
  • Reviews smart applications of biopolymers, including active food packaging, photocatalytic, electric, electronic, piezoelectric, antimicrobial, environmental, and more
About the author
Edited by Valentina Sessini, Marie-Curie Fellow, Faculty of Farmacy, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Department, Sustainable Catalytic Processes with Organometallic Compounds Group, University of Alcalá, Scientific-Technological Campus, Madrid, Spain ; Srabanti Ghosh, CSIR-SRA Scientist’s Pool Scheme, CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, India and Marta E.G. Mosquera, Associate Professor, Faculty of Farmacy, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Department, Sustainable Catalytic Processes with Organometallic Compounds Group, University of Alcalá, Scientific-Technological Campus, Madrid, Spain
Table of Contents

1 Introduction to biopolymer synthesis, properties, and emerging applications
2 Enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of polyesters,polyamides, and poly(ester-co-amide)s: a promising approach toward a greener synthetic pathway
3 Iongels prepared from biopolymers and their applications
4 Natural fibers: an important source in material design
5 Design of bioplastics with piezoelectric properties
6 The incorporation of new functionalities to biocomposites for biomedical applications
7 Processing of biopolymer loaded with porous inorganic fillers encapsulating active substance for active food packaging applications
8 Bio-based templates at the service of nanotechnology: a promising approach for a sustainable future
9 Biopolymers for the development of living materials for biomedical applications
10 Bio-based polymers synthesized from furan derivatives
11 Catalytic synthesis of biosourced polyesters from epoxides and cyclic anhydrides
12 Catalytic synthesis of polycarbonates using carbon dioxide
13 Automotive applications of biodegradable polymers

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ISBN: 9780323909396
Page Count: 478
Illustrations : 200 illustrations (40 in full color)
Retail Price : £180.00
9780128144725; 9780323266987; 9781455728343; 9781437744590
Researchers, scientists, and advanced students working with bio-based materials, and across polymer chemistry, nanomaterials, plastics engineering, chemical engineering, and materials science and engineering, R&D, engineers, and producers interested in the development of biopolymers or bioplastics for advanced applications (biomedical, automotive, environmental, packaging, etc.)