Biocatalyst Immobilization,
Edition 1 Foundations and Applications
Edited by Maria Lujan Ferreira

Publication Date: 16 Nov 2022

Biocatalyst Immobilization: Foundations and Applications provides a comprehensive overview of biocatalytic immobilization processes, as well as methods for study, characterization and application. Early chapters discuss current progress in enzyme immobilization and methods for selecting and pretreating enzymes prior to immobilization, with an emphasis on navigating common challenges and employing enzyme supports and post immobilization treatments to impact enzymatic activity. Process-based chapters instruct on measuring and reporting on enzyme immobilization efficiency, protein final content, quantification of reaction products, and the use of nanomaterials to characterize immobilized enzymes.

Later chapters examine recent advances, including novel enzymatic reactors, multi-enzymatic biocatalysts, enzymatic biosensors, whole cell immobilization, the industrial application of immobilized enzymes, and perspectives on future trends.

Key Features

  • Provides a thorough overview of biocatalyst and enzyme immobilization for research and practical application
  • Presents methods based content that instructs in enzyme immobilization pretreatment, enzyme supports, post immobilization treatments, measuring enzyme immobilization efficiency, quantification of reaction products, and whole cell immobilization
  • Features chapter contributions from international leaders in the field
About the author
Edited by Maria Lujan Ferreira, Principal Investigator, CONICET (National Council of Scientific and Technical Research), PLAPIQUI-UNS-CONICET, CCT Bahía Blanca, Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 The enzyme, the support, and the immobilization strategy: The key findings to a desirable biocatalyst

Karen Rodriguez-Nunez, Claudia Bernal, and Juan M. Boli´var

CHAPTER 2 Selection and modification of enzymes prior to immobilization

Ja Hyun Lee, Hah Young Yoo, and Seung Wook Kim

CHAPTER 3 Various approaches to enzyme immobilization

Syed Awais Attique, Qurat ul ain, Nazim Hussain, Muhammad Bilal, and Hafiz M.N. Iqbal

CHAPTER 4 Postimmobilization treatments before applications

Karolina Labus and Jolanta Bryjak

CHAPTER 5 Support-free immobilization

Roberta Bussons Rodrigues Val

CHAPTER 6 Measuring and reporting enzyme´s immobilization efficiency

Paula Nicolas, Carla Jos

CHAPTER 7 Some recent innovations related to enzyme immobilization

Bhaskar Das, Satyam, and Sanjukta Patra

CHAPTER 8 Enzyme immobilization for use in nonconventional media

Maria Laura Foresti and Maria Lujan Ferreira

CHAPTER 9 Assaying the biological activities of immobilized enzymes

Daniel Sanchez and Maria Lujan Ferreira

CHAPTER 10 Enzyme immobilization on nanomaterials and nanostructured supports

Azeem Intisar, Mateen Haider, Muhammad Imran Din, Nazim Hussain, Muhammad Bilal, and Hafiz M.N. Iqbal

CHAPTER 11 Oriented immobilization of biomolecules on small surfaces

Masumi Iijima and Shunichi Kuroda

CHAPTER 12 Affinity immobilization and affinity layers

Meryam Sardar and Kainat Mirza

CHAPTER 13 New enzymatic reactor designs: From enzymatic batch to 3D microreactors and monoliths

Kim Shortall, Katarzyna Szymanska, Cristina Carucci, Tewfik Soulimane, and Edmond Magner

CHAPTER 14 Immobilization of multienzymes: Problems and solutions

Yingjie Du, Le Zhong, Ziyuan Wang, Yuxiao Feng, Jiandong Cui, and Shiru Jia

CHAPTER 15 An introduction to enzymatic biosensors

Tayyaba Anjum, Nazim Hussain, Muhammad Bilal, and Hafiz M.N. Iqbal

CHAPTER 16 Industrial applications of immobilized enzymes: Food and beyond

Maria Lujan Ferreira

CHAPTER 17 Future perspectives in enzyme immobilization

Lorena Wilson, Andr

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