Nuclear Decommissioning Case Studies: Organization and Management, Economics, and Staying in Business,
Edition 1
Edited by Michele Laraia

Publication Date: 17 Jan 2023

Nuclear Decommissioning Case Studies: Organization and Management, Economics, and Staying in Business is the fifth volume in Michele Laraia’s series, which presents a selection of global case studies on different aspects of nuclear decommissioning. This volume focuses on organization, economics and performance experience, offering the reader guidance on project management, staffing, costs and funding, and training. It guides those responsible for the planning and implementation of nuclear decommissioning to ensure thorough and reliable applications.

Decommissioning experts, including regulators, operating organizations, waste managers, researchers, and academics will find this book to be suitable supplementary material to reference works on the theory and applications of nuclear decommissioning. Readers will obtain an understanding of many key case studies, including what happened and what they can learn from the events quoted, to help supplement, solidify, and strengthen their understanding of the topic.

Key Features

  • Presents a selection of global case studies which focus on organization, economics and performance of nuclear decommissioning in relation to project and industry sustainability, with a focus on management, funding, and training aspects
  • Includes 100+ case studies on project management, costs and funding, and teaching and learning
  • Based on experience and lessons learned, assists the reader in developing and implementing decommissioning plans while ensuring the availability of technical, financial, and human resources at all times
About the author
Edited by Michele Laraia, Independent Consultant, Rome, Italy
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The concept of environmental sustainability as applicable to nuclear decommissioning (as applicable to this book)
3. The structure of this book: Project management, costs and funding, the study of decommissioning
4. Errors, mishaps, inadequacies in regard to administrative and organizational aspects (conversely, best practices)
5. Project Management Case Studies
6. Costs and Funding Case Studies
7. The Study of Decommissioning Case Studies
8. Conclusions

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ISBN: 9780323918480
Page Count: 462
Retail Price : £115.00

9780857091154; 9780081011225; 9780081027905; 9780128128817; 9780081001493


Nuclear engineers; nuclear researchers; nuclear students; decommissioning specialists; governments and decision makers; nuclear operators and waste managers