Demystifying Integrated Care,
Edition 1 A Handbook for Practice
Edited by Kirsty Marshall, Hayley Bamber, Ruth Garbutt, BA(Hons) MA PhD PGDip DipSW and Chris Easton

Publication Date: 01 Nov 2023

Integrated care aims to address inequality through removing fragmented health and social care. It is being adopted worldwide, including in the UK, where the NHS is undergoing significant transformation as it introduces integrated care for all providers.

This new book aims to equip students and practitioners to take the lead in this new model of care delivery. It will help them understand the key principles of integrated care and then apply these to the design, implementation and practice of integrated care in their own work.

Written by academics and operational healthcare leaders, this book is ideal for final year students of nursing, allied health and social care, postgraduates, and all nursing and allied health professionals who will be required to work within the UK’s new integrated care systems.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of the design, implementation and practice of integrated care
  • Covers theory and concepts of integrated care as well as applicability to practice for individuals, organisations and systems
  • Presents a comprehensive and up-to-date evidence base for integrated care
  • Accessible to a range of practitioners
  • Wide range of case studies provide real-life examples of how integrated care has been applied in different areas
  • Contributions from academics across disciplines, including nursing, occupational therapy, social care and public health
  • Co-written with business partners, clinical leads or specialists within their field – reflects the realities of practice
  • Includes an international focus, with examples from countries which have a strong history in integrated care such as the Netherlands, New Zealand, USA and Finland
About the author
Edited by Kirsty Marshall, Senior Lecturer,University of Salford; Hayley Bamber, Lecturer,University of Central Lancashire; Ruth Garbutt, BA(Hons) MA PhD PGDip DipSW, Head of Social Work, University of Salford and Chris Easton
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