How to Make It As A Student Nurse,
Edition 1
By Claire Carmichael and Anne Marie Dodson

Publication Date: 20 Jun 2023

This isn’t just another book about anatomy or physiology – it’s a straightforward, practical guide that answers all the common concerns and questions of every student nurse.

How to Make It as a Student Nurse has evolved from the online advice provided to student nurses in the UK by well-known advocate and nurse Claire Carmichael. She has teamed up with experienced nursing lecturer Ann Marie Dodson to provide a complete guide to being a student nurse, from the application stage through to writing assignments, passing exams, undertaking clinical placements and working in a team.

This wonderful new guide is packed full of invaluable advice, including how to handle your finances and juggle your caring responsibilities. The content is supported by real life case studies and vlogs to summarise key points.

Key Features

  • Engaging and easy to read – ideal for busy students
  • Easy to navigate – takes you through each stage of the student nurse journey
  • Covers the whole nursing degree experience
  • Video vlogs to summarise key points
  • Real life perspectives of nursing students
  • Top tips on everything you will come across throughout your nursing education
About the author
By Claire Carmichael, General Practice Nurse and Anne Marie Dodson, Senior lecturer,Birmingham City University, Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences. Westbourne Rd, Birmingham
Table of Contents
1 Introductions
2 Applying to University: Personal Statement and Bagging that Interview
3 What to Do in Your First Few Weeks of University
4 Assignment Help
5 Poster Presentations! ‘HELP!’
6 Level 4 to 7 Marking Criteria and Critically Analysing
7 Exam Preparation and Revision Tips
8 All You Need to Know about Placements: First Year to Management with a Bonus Page of A to E Assessments and Tips for Areas of Placements
9 Surviving Your First Night Shift
10 Applying for Your First Newly Qualified Nurse Post and How to Decide Where to Work
11 CV Writing
12 Transition from Student to Newly Qualified Nurse (NQN)
13 Nursing Interviews
14 Maths/Drug Calculations Made Easy
15 Leadership in Nursing
16 Mental Health/Coping with Failures
17 Having Autism and Epilepsy – A Case Study from Sez Francis
18 Imposter Syndrome
19 LGBTQIA in Healthcare
20 Social Media in Nursing
21 Money-Saving Tips
22 Coping through a Pandemic
23 Ethnic Minority Groups in Healthcare
24 End
Book details
ISBN: 9780323931908
Page Count: 224
Retail Price : £24.99
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