So You’ve Registered, What Now?,
Edition 1 A New Nurse’s Guide.
By Joleen McKee, BSc (Hons) RN

Publication Date: 16 Jan 2023

Full of real-life tips and insights from practising nurses, this new title gives encouragement and advice to help newly qualified registrants prepare as they start work in the ever-changing world of health care.

So You've Registered, What Now? does not cover clinical skills but rather concentrates on the practical essentials of working as a nurse in different settings, from hospitals to the community and research sectors. Written in an easy to follow, conversational style, it takes the reader through relevant regulations and provides up-to-date guidance on how to survive as a nurse in the real world.

Being a newly registered nurse can be a daunting experience. New nurses will find this book an invaluable resource that will help them navigate the sometimes convoluted path to establishing their career, as well as a support and guide through the highs and lows of their working life.

Key Features

  • Current regulations and policies, and how to navigate them
  • Definitions of technical terms and abbreviations
  • Tips from nurses’ lived experience
  • Discussion of preceptorship, nursing during the COVID-19 pandemic and reflection
About the author
By Joleen McKee, BSc (Hons) RN, Ulster University, Nursing Development Lead, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, RCN Learning Representative
Table of Contents
1 And So the Journey Begins
2 So You’ve Registered, What Now?
3 How to Land the Job!
4 Preceptorship: Getting the Most Out of It
5 Nursing the Nation
6 Putting Your Research and Evidence Into Practice
7 Reflection: What’s All the Fuss About?
8 What Kind of Leader Are You?
9 Novice to Expert: Shaping the Future of Nursing
10 Professional Accountability and the Nursing and Midwifery Council
11 The Dreaded Revalidation Process
12 Our Moment in History: The COVID-19 Pandemic
13 Handing Over
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ISBN: 9780323933926
Page Count: 176
Retail Price : £15.99