Workbook for Surgical Technology Revised Reprint,
Edition 8 Principles and Practice
By Joanna Kotcher Fuller

Publication Date: 31 Jan 2022

Get the review and practice you need to succeed on classroom and certification exams! Corresponding chapter by chapter to Fuller’s Surgical Technology: Principles and Practice, 8th Edition textbook, this practical workbook helps you master the role and the essential skills of the surgical technologist. Each chapter contains a variety of activities, including key terms, labeling, practice questions, and realistic case studies with critical thinking exercises. Making it easy to apply your knowledge to practice, this study tool ensures that you have everything you need for success in a surgical technology career.

Key Features

  • Case studies encourage you to think strategically and apply your knowledge to realistic situations in the operating room environment.
  • More than 80 Skills Checklists provide clear guidelines for performing each skill, and help you evaluate your performance of core functions by practicing skills until you have mastered them.
  • Variety of exercises includes a review of key terms, practice questions, labeling exercises, and case studies with critical thinking questions, reinforcing your understanding and preparing you for in-class testing and for the certification exam.
  • Reader-friendly writing style and organization makes the content easier to understand.

New Features

  • NEW Robotic Surgery chapter includes exercises for the most frequently performed minimally invasive procedures involving surgical robots.
  • NEW! Updated and expanded Skills Checklists add coverage of patient preparation, transporting, positioning, and draping.
  • NEW! Updated exercises are provided for the updated and expanded content in the surgical technology textbook.
  • NEW! Additional multiple-choice questions mirror the types of questions found on the Certified Surgical Technologist exam.
About the author
By Joanna Kotcher Fuller, Independent Consultant in Medical and Surgical Coordination in Conflict Environments, USA
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Page Count: 320
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