Edition 3 An Illustrated Colour Text
By Lesley Stevens, MB, BS, FRCPsych and Ian Rodin, BM, MRCPsych

Publication Date: 08 May 2024
The third edition of this award-winning book offers an accessible and fun way of learning about the basic principles and practice of psychiatry.

Psychiatry provides a highly visual experience, with each topic covered across two pages that you can review and digest easily. For each spread there are summary boxes, questions and answers and self-assessment tasks that will help with understanding and revision.

This wonderful book covers a wide range of subjects, from mental health services to different treatments, the full range of disorders, and psychiatry specialisations. It thus provides an ideal introduction to psychiatry for medical students or anyone learning about mental health for the first time.

Key Features

  • Introductory level coverage of a complex topic, presented in an engaging way
  • Concise double page spreads for each topic – allows you to absorb information quickly
  • Stimulating and easy to read, with summaries and revision aids throughout
  • Full-colour line diagrams to demonstrate essential concepts
  • Practical advice on patient care
  • Modern pharmacological treatment of psychiatric disorders

New Features

  • Fully updated throughout
  • Information on the new Mental Health Act
  • A new section on Neurodevelopmental disorders
About the author
By Lesley Stevens, MB, BS, FRCPsych, Director of Community, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities, Isle of Wight NHS Trust, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom and Ian Rodin, BM, MRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist, Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust, Dorset, United Kingdom
Table of Contents


1. Mental health services I
2. Mental health services II
3. Classification in psychiatry
4. History and aetiology
5. Mental state examination
6. Assessment of risk
7. Management plan and formulation
8. Psychiatry in primary care
9. Mental capacity
10. The Mental Health Act

Treatment in Psychiatry

11. Introduction to drug treatments
12. Prescribing psychotropic drugs
13. Antipsychotic drugs
14. Antidepressant drugs
15. Mood stabilisers, benzodiazepines and ECT
16. Psychological treatments
17. Family and social treatments
18. Recovery and social inclusion


19. Diagnosis and classification of schizophrenia
20. Epidemiology and aetiology of schizophrenia
21. Acute and chronic schizophrenia
22. Management of schizophrenia

Mood Disorders

23. Classification of mood disorders
24. Epidemiology and aetiology of mood disorders
25. Bipolar disorder – clinical presentation and management
26. Depressive disorder – clinical presentation
27. Depressive disorder – management

Anxiety and Related Disorders

28. Anxiety- and fear-related disorders – clinical presentation and aetiology
29. Anxiety- and fear-related disorders – management
30. Obsessive–compulsive disorders
31. Disorders associated with stress
32. Dissociative and bodily distress disorders

Personality Disorders

33. Personality disorders – introduction and classification
34. Personality disorders – management

Substance Misuse and Addictive Behaviours

35. Alcohol dependence I
36. Alcohol dependence II
37. Substance misuse

Psychiatric Specialties

38. Older people’s mental health services and functional illness
39. Dementia diagnosis
40. Management of dementia
41. Dementia in the general hospital
42. Neurodevelopmental disorders
43. Learning disabilities
44. Child and adolescent psychiatry I
45. Child psychiatry II
46. Eating disorders
47. Liaison psychiatry
48. Forensic psychiatry
49. Perinatal psychiatry
50. Sexual dysfunction

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