Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design,
Edition 3 From bits and bytes to IoT, with the Arm Mbed
By Tim Wilmshurst, Rob Toulson and Tom Spink

Publication Date: 05 Aug 2024

Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design, Third Edition is a fast-moving introduction to embedded systems design, applying the innovative Arm mbed “ecosystem,” including both hardware components and its web-based development environment. Minimal background knowledge is needed to start. Each chapter introduces a major topic in embedded systems and proceeds as a series of practical experiments. A "learning through doing" strategy is adopted, with the underlying theory being introduced alongside. C/C++ programming is applied, with a step-by-step approach which allows you to get coding quickly. Once the basics are covered, the book progresses to some hot embedded topics – intelligent instrumentation, Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, real-time programming, and the Internet of Things.

In this new edition all code is refreshed to match the new mbed operating system, and much new code is introduced. The principles of real-time operating systems are explained, and the capabilities of the mbed RTOS are clearly demonstrated. This third edition will readily form the basis of introductory and intermediate university or college courses in embedded systems.

Key Features

· Provides a hands-on introduction to the field of embedded systems, covering key concepts through simple and effective experimentation

· Features a wide range of coverage, from simple digital input/output to advanced networking and intelligent instrumentation

· Includes a new chapter on the Real-Time Operating System, with numerous examples

· Introduces two new chapters on the Internet of Things, with a major example project linking sensors through to the cloud

· Presents in-depth exploration of internal microcontroller features, leading to an understanding of configuration options and power supply optimization

About the author
By Tim Wilmshurst, Freelance technical author and educator; Rob Toulson, Professor of Creative Industries at the University of Westminster, London, UK. and Tom Spink, Computer Science Department, University of St Andrews, Scotland
Table of Contents
Part 1: Essentials of embedded systems, and developing with mbed
1. Embedded systems, microcontrollers and arm
2. Introducing the mbed ecosystem 3. Digital input and output
4. Analog output
5. Analog input
6. Real time, and the mbed real time operating system
7. Starting with serial communications
8. Liquid crystal displays
9. Interrupts, timers and tasks
10. Memory and data management

Part 2: Moving to advanced and specialist applications
11. More on the rtos
12. Wireless communication – bluetooth and zigbee
13. Internet communication and control
14. Applying mbed to digital audio
15. Some hardware insights: clocks, power supply, and very low power

a. Some number systems
b. Some c/c++ essentials
c. Mbed technical data
d. Parts list
e. Terminal emulation
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ISBN: 9780323951975
Page Count: 560
Retail Price : £64.95
9781477508992; 9780982692660; 9781482229851

Undergraduate students studying embedded systems using ARM technology/ Navstem estimated total annual US enrollment for embedded systems design courses in 2020 at 11,900 students, up 1% from the prior year. The market is quite segmented into more general embedded systems texts like our own Computers as Components by Marilyn Wolf and texts focusing on design using a specific technology, such as Toulson and Wilmshurst. Professional embedded systems engineers, and software engineers developing embedded systems.