Power Generation Technologies,
Edition 1 Foundations, Design and Advances
By Masood Ebrahimi

Publication Date: 29 Mar 2023

Power Generation Technologies: Foundations, Design and Advances provides a comprehensive introduction to the latest developments in renewable and non-renewable generation technologies considered at micro and large-scale, and for traditional facility scale and modern distributed power generation systems. Each chapter provides a foundation in the topic enriched with practical solved examples, end chapter exercises and technical references. Provided computer codes can be instrumentalized to investigate practical examples at a granular level. In addition to the fundamental and theoretical discussions, operational and maintenance guidelines for power equipment are provided to prepare students for work in power plants.

The work provides new international standards and regulation for power generation as well as content devoted to the thermo-economics of power generation and power plants. It is supported by a solution manual for end-chapter exercises and a slide show presentation of the book for instructors and students.

Key Features

  • Enriched with more than 100 EES computer program codes used to deepen reader understanding and solve examples for parametric and sensitivity analyses
  • Provides a practical and pedagogical focus, thus preparing students to work as power plant engineers (with practical examples and discussions)
  • Includes more than 250 high quality photos, graphs and tables to present core concepts and analyses precisely and encourage visual learning
  • Reviews multi-criteria design methods for modern power plant design and multi-generation cycles used for the production of cooling, heating, power, hydrogen and desalination, along with practical examples
About the author
By Masood Ebrahimi, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechical Engineering, University of Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to power plants and power generation
2. Thermodynamics of power plants
3. Economics of power plants
4. Energy resources for power generation
5. Steam power plants, design (SPP)
6. Steam power plants, components
7. Industrial gas turbine power plants
8. Micro steam/gas turbines power plants
9. Reciprocating engines power plants
10. Solar power plants
11. Wind power plants
12. Hydro power plants
13. Fuel cell power plants
14. Thermoelectric power plants
15. Cogeneration power plants
16. Environmental impacts of power plants
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Page Count: 668
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Mechanical engineering professors, Chemical and electrical engineering students, Practitioners working in the fields of power plants, and in the oil and gas industry, Technical university libraries,  Manufacturers, power plants and consultants, research centers, companies, institutes, and organizations that are active in the energy fields, and power generation