Geomechanics of Sand Production and Sand Control,
Edition 1
By Nobuo Morita

Publication Date: 01 Jul 2022

Geomechanics of Sand Production and Control delivers a convenient resource for both academia and professionals to gain understanding and results surrounding sand production. Packed with rock mechanic fundamentals and field case studies, this reference offers theoretical knowledge, field and laboratory data, and operational methodologies. Gaining knowledge on better sand control production improves environmental impact, preventing corrosion of pipes, damage to surface production facilities, and disposal of produced sands, among other considerations. Sections are supported by field case studies, lab tests and modeling studies to explain the most environmentally supportive wellbore stability step-by-step methods.

Authored by a very experienced professor, this reference helps engineers learn how to solve sand problems in various types of energy wells. Production engineers in oil and gas utilize sand production and sand control equipment in many completion methods, with a growing interest to expand these methods in wells for CO2 sequestration and geothermal areas, but knowledge on these methods is fragmented and lacks a bridge to support energy transition. This book provides the coverage needed to address this advancing field.

Key Features

  • Includes visual graphs derived from real-world fields and numerical models
  • Covers transition methods into other energy assets, including CO2 sequestration and geothermal wells
  • Provides solutions and examples with the inclusion of real field case studies
About the author
By Nobuo Morita, Professor, Texas A&M University, USA
Table of Contents

1. Fundamental rock mechanics theory of sand production from oil and gas reservoirs
2. Natural completion
3. Completion methods for weak formation
4. Sand control for heavy oil reservoirs
5. Guideline of solving sand problems for water or gas injection wells
6. Erosion and sand production monitoring

A. Proof of continuity and uniqueness of displacement with compatibility condition
B. Erosion equations

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ISBN: 9780323955058
Page Count: 424
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Petroleum engineer; production engineer; well completion engineer; graduate level petroleum engineering student; engineers involved in CO2 sequestration. Wastewater treatment engineers