Safety Design for Space Systems,
Edition 2
Edited by Tommaso Sgobba, Gary Musgrave, Gary Johnson and Michael T. Kezirian

Publication Date: 17 Aug 2023
The lack of widespread education in space safety engineering and management has profound effects on project team effectiveness in integrating safety during design. On one side, it slows down the professional development of junior safety engineers, while on the other side it creates a sectarian attitude that isolates safety engineers from the rest of the project team. To speed up professional development, bridge the gap within the team, and prevent hampered communication and missed feedback, the entire project team needs to acquire and develop a shared culture of space safety principles and techniques.The second edition of Safety Design for Space Systems continues to address these issues with substantial updates to chapters such as battery safety, life support systems, robotic systems safety, and fire safety. This book also features new chapters on crew survivability design and nuclear space systems safety. Finally, the discussion of human rating concepts, safety-by-design principles, and safety management practices have also been revised and improved. With contributions from leading experts worldwide, this second edition represents an essential educational resource and reference tool for engineers and managers working on space projects.

Key Features

  • Provides basic multidisciplinary knowledge on space systems safety design
  • Addresses how space safety engineering and management can be implemented in practice
  • Includes new chapters on crew survivability design and nuclear space systems safety
  • Fully revised and updated to reflect the latest developments in the field
About the author
Edited by Tommaso Sgobba, President, International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) and former Head of the Independent Safety Office, European Space Agency (ESA), Noordwijk, The Netherlands; Gary Musgrave, NASA-JSC ret., Safety Review Panel Chair, Vaiaku, USA; Gary Johnson, NASA-JSC ret., Space Consultant, Houston, TX, USA and Michael T. Kezirian, Adjunct Professor, University of Southern California, TX, USA
Table of Contents
1 Introduction 2 The space environment: natural and induced 3 Overview of bioastronautics 4 Space safety engineering and management 5 Safety policy and human rating 6 Probabilistic risk assessment with emphasis on design 7 Safety considerations for the ground environment 8 Emergency and crew survival systems 9 Space debris protection 10 Docking systems design 11 Parachute system design 12 Materials safety 13 Containment of hazardous materials 14 Propellant systems safety 15 Environmental impact of propulsion systems and green alternatives 16 Life support systems safety 17 Fire safety 18 Oxygen systems safety 19 Avionics safety 20 Software system safety 21 Battery safety 22 Space nuclear systems safety design 23 Mechanical systems safety 24 Pyrotechnic safety 25 Laser safety 26 Extravehicular activity safety 27 Robotic systems safety Appendix A: Probability of cancer casualty constraint for exposures to radioactive materials Appendix B: Risk estimation methodology for RPS & RHU launch accidents
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ISBN: 9780323956543
Page Count: 1188
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Aerospace engineers, systems engineering and safety managers working in space agencies, space industry and consulting firms, senior and graduate level courses covering design and operations of space system