Food, Gastronomy, Sustainability, and Social and Cultural Development,
Edition 1 Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives
Edited by F. Xavier Medina, David Conde and Lorenzo Mariano

Publication Date: 23 May 2023

Food, Gastronomy, Sustainability, and Social and Cultural Development analyzes the relationship between gastronomy and sustainability from a sociocultural perspective. It uses practical case studies to reveal the connection between food, society, culture, and the impact they have with each other. Beginning with the introduction of the relationship among gastronomy, sustainability, culture, and contemporary controversies, this book expands topics from binomial gastronomy at local level, impact of sustainability on gastronomic experiences, an evaluation of production systems to the role of gastronomy, and sustainability in tourism. The role of technology in food and sustainability, health, ideologies, and social movements surrounding gastronomy are also widely discussed. This book is a valuable reference for food scientists, undergraduate and graduate students, and industrial professionals working in the food processing field.

Key Features

  • Considers gastronomy as a tool for sustainability
  • Includes practical use cases as applied examples of content coverage
  • Supports industry progress toward increased sustainable processes
About the author
Edited by F. Xavier Medina, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), Barcelona, Spain; David Conde, Faculty of Nursing and Occupational Therapy, University of Extremadura (UEx), Caceres, Spain and Lorenzo Mariano, Faculty of Nursing and Occupational Therapy, University of Extremadura (UEx), Caceres, Spain
Table of Contents
1. Introduction: Gastronomy as a tool for sustainability
2. Gastronomy, seasonality, locality and sustainability: lessons from a long memory and recent pandemic
3. Sensing Sustainable Futures and Situating Foodways in Everyday Practice: Community Responses and Emerging Alternatives in the Time of COVID-19
Supply networks, local development and gastronomic tourism: a contribution to SDG 12
4. Co-Creating New Directions for Service Robots in Gastronomy, Hospitality and Tourism
5. Environmental sustainability, social and cultural sustainability, and health. The case of the Mediterranean diet.
6. Food and gastronomy, and politics. The case of Spain
7. Food security and development cooperation in Guatemala. Challenges and problems for a sustainable agenda
8. Food Conviviality and Migrants’ Sustainable Livelihoods in Germany.
9. Sustainable traditions: "Chinampería" in Xochimilco Lake and the role of gastronomy in Mexico City
10. The agri-food routes as a tool for sustainable rural development. The case of the State of Mexico
Book details
ISBN: 9780323959933
Page Count: 276
Retail Price : £115.00

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Food scientists, those working in agriculture or with the food value chain, and those studying food, gastronomy, and sustainability