Radiative Heat Transfer,
Edition 4
By Michael F. Modest and Sandip Mazumder

Publication Date: 18 Nov 2021

Radiative Heat Transfer, Fourth Edition is a fully updated, revised and practical reference on the basic physics and computational tools scientists and researchers use to solve problems in the broad field of radiative heat transfer. This book is acknowledged as the core reference in the field, providing models, methodologies and calculations essential to solving research problems. It is applicable to a variety of industries, including nuclear, solar and combustion energy, aerospace, chemical and materials processing, as well as environmental, biomedical and nanotechnology fields.

Contemporary examples and problems surrounding sustainable energy, materials and process engineering are an essential addition to this edition.

Key Features

  • Includes end-of-chapter problems and a solutions manual, providing a structured and coherent reference
  • Presents many worked examples which have been brought fully up-to-date to reflect the latest research
  • Details many computer codes, ranging from basic problem solving aids to sophisticated research tools
About the author
By Michael F. Modest, Shaffer and George Professor of Engineering, School of Engineering, University of California, Merced, USA and Sandip Mazumder, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA
Table of Contents

1. Fundamentals of Thermal Radiation
2. Radiative Property Predictions from Electromagnetic Wave Theory
3. Radiative Properties of Real Surfaces
4. View Factors
5. Radiative Exchange Between Gray, Diffuse Surfaces
6. Radiative Exchange Between Nondiffuse and Nongray Surfaces
7. The Monte Carlo Method for Surface Exchange
8. Surface Radiative Exchange in the Presence of Conduction and Convection
9. The Radiative Transfer Equation in Participating Media (RTE)
10. Radiative Properties of Molecular Gases
11. Radiative Properties of Particulate Media
12. Radiative Properties of Semitransparent Media
13. Exact Solutions for One-Dimensional Gray Media
14. Approximate Solution Methods for One-Dimensional Media
15. The Method of Spherical Harmonics (PN-Approximation)
16. The Method of Discrete Ordinates (SN-Approximation)
17. The Zonal Method
18. Collimated Irradiation and Transient Phenomena
19. Solution Methods for Nongray Extinction Coefficients
20. The Monte Carlo Method for Participating Media
21. Radiation Combined with Conduction and Convection
22. Radiation in Chemically Reacting Systems
23. Inverse Radiative Heat Transfer
24. Nanoscale Radiative Transfer

A. Constants and Conversion Factors
B. Tables for Radiative Properties of Opaque Surfaces
C. Blackbody Emissive Power Table
D. View Factor Catalogue
E. Exponential Integral Functions
F. Computer Codes

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ISBN: 9780323984065
Page Count: 1016
Retail Price : £110.00

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Graduate students of engineering, including mechanical, aerospace, chemical, energy & environmental disciplines; graduate students of science disciplines including physics, astrophysics, astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences; scientists, engineers and academic researchers