Molten Salt Reactors and Thorium Energy,
Edition 2
Edited by Thomas James Dolan, Imre Pazsit, Andrei Rykhlevskii and Ritsuo Yoshioka

Publication Date: 24 Jan 2024

Molten Salt Reactors and Thorium Energy, Second Edition is a fully updated comprehensive reference on the latest advances in MSR research and technology. Building on the successful first edition, Tom Dolan and the team of experts have fully updated the content to reflect the impressive advances from the last 5 years, ensuring this book continues to be the go-to reference on the topic. This new edition covers progress made in MSR design, details innovative experiments, and includes molten salt data, corrosion studies and deployment plans. The successful case studies section of the first edition have been removed, expanded, and fully updated, and are now published in a companion title called Global Case Studies on Molten Salt Reactors.

Readers will gain a deep understanding of the advantages and challenges of MSR development and thorium fuel use, as well as step-by-step guidance on the latest in MSR reactor design. Each chapter provides a clear introduction, covers technical issues and includes examples and conclusions, while promoting the sustainability benefits throughout.

Key Features

  • A fully updated comprehensive handbook on Molten Salt Reactors and Thorium Energy, written by a team of global experts
  • Covers MSR applications, technical issues, reactor types and reactor designs
  • Includes 3 brand new chapters which reflect the latest advances in research and technology since the first edition published
    • Presents case studies on molten salt reactors which aid in the transition to net zero by providing abundant clean, safe energy to complement wind and solar powe
    About the author
    Edited by Thomas James Dolan, Adjunct Professor, Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering Department, University of Illinois, USA; Imre Pazsit, Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Göteborg, Sweden; Andrei Rykhlevskii, Postdoctoral Appointee, Research and Test Reactors Department, Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, IL, United States of America and Ritsuo Yoshioka, Ritsuo Yoshioka Owner, Japan Functional Safety Laboratory, Yokohama, Japan
    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    Thomas J. Dolan
    2. Electric Power Generation
    Lindsay Ross Dempsey and Charles Forsberg
    3. Other Applications
    Stephen Boyd and Christopher Taylor

    Technical Issues
    4. MSR Reactor physics: characterization, neutronic performance, multiphysics coupling, and reduced-order modeling
    Jiri Krepel and Jean C. Ragusa
    5. Kinetics, dynamics and neutron noise in stationary MSRs
    Imre Pazsit and Victor Dykin
    6. Thermal hydraulics of liquid-fueled MSR
    Lelio Luzzi and Antonio Cammi
    7. Materials
    Ritsuo Yoshioka
    8. Physical-chemical properties of molten salts and Chemical technology of MSR fuel cycle
    Stephen Boyd, Jan Uhlír and Christopher Taylor
    9. Environment, waste, and resources
    Ritsuo Yoshioka
    10. Nonproliferation and safeguards
    Anna Erickson

    Reactor Types
    11. Liquid fuel, thermal neutron spectrum reactors
    Ritsuo Yoshioka
    12. Fast-spectrum, liquid-fueled reactors
    Andrey A. Lizin
    13. Solid fuel, salt-cooled reactors
    Raluca Scarlat
    14. Static liquid fuel reactors
    Ian Richard Scott
    15. Accelerator-driven systems
    Toshinobu Sasa
    16. Fusion_fission hybrids
    Evgeniy pavel Velikhov Sr.

    Reactor Designs
    17. Thorium molten salt reactor nuclear energy system (TMSR)
    Zhimin Dai
    18. Integral molten salt reactor
    David LeBlanc
    19. ThorCon reactor
    Lars Jorgensen and Robert Hargraves
    20. Severe Accident Modeling and Safety Assessment for Fluid-fuel Energy Reactors (SAMOSAFER) 565
    Jan L. Kloosterman
    21. Stable salt fast reactor
    Ian Richard Scott
    22. EXODYS Molten Chloride Fast Reactor
    Ed Pheil
    23. Copenhagen Atomics waste burner
    Thomas Jam Pedersen
    24. Seaborg Technologies ApS - Compact Molten Salt Reactor (CMSR) Power Barge
    Esben Klinkby
    25. Dual-fluid reactor
    Armin Huke and Nico Bernt
    26. Kairos Power Pebble Bed Reactor
    Andrei Rykhlevskii
    27. TerraPower Fast Chloride Reactor
    Jiri Krepel
    28. Conclusions
    Thomas J. Dolan

    Book details
    ISBN: 9780323993555
    Page Count: 1066
    Retail Price : £285.00
    9781614700005; 9789811326578
    Scientists and engineers involved in MSR research, university faculty and students, analysts and policy makers, A2 nuclear energy professionals, nuclear physicists, Government staff