Civil Jet Aircraft Design,
Edition 1
By Lloyd R. Jenkinson, Paul Simpkin and Darren Rhodes

Publication Date: 30 Jul 1999
As with all engineering, there is an increasing emphasis on design issues in aeronautical engineering. 'Civil Jet Aircraft Design' is the definitive textbook on this core subject. Written by experts in their field, this book provides a general introduction to aircraft design, while also exploring the underlying procedures and practices in depth. Concentrating on large scale commercial jet aircraft, the book reflects current areas of growth in the aircraft industry. Readers are introduced to the procedures and practices of civil aircraft design at a level suitable for undergraduate students of aeronautical design, and for professionals in industry.

*The contents of this book represents the personal opinion of the authors and does not necessarily reflect that of CAA/NATS.

Available in North and South America from the AIAA, 1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 500, Reston, VA 20191, USA

Key Features

Covers all aspects of aircraft design and includes chapters on the design process; engine and structure design; aircrapt performances; safety and environmental implications; and parametric studies.
Concentrates on large scale, commercial jet aircraft, reflecting current areas of growth in the aircraft industry.
Contains four detailed case studies, and introduces the reader to spreadsheet methods in the analysis of aircraft.
About the author
By Lloyd R. Jenkinson, Senior Lecturer, Loughborough University, UK; Paul Simpkin, Formerly Head of Aircraft Performance, Rolls Royce, UK; and Darren Rhodes, Environmental Research & Consultancy Department, CAA*, UK
Table of Contents
Project design process * Overall configuration and systems * Safety and environmental issues * Fuselage layout * Wing and tail layout * Aircraft mass and balance * Lift and drag estimates * Powerplant and installation * Aircraft performance * Initial estimates * Aircraft cost estimations * Parametric studies * Aircraft type specification * Introduction to spreadsheet methods * Advanced regional jet * Military transport aircraft * Unconventional designs * Economic analysis.
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ISBN: 9780340741528
Page Count: 432
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Undergraduates in aeronautical and mechanical engineering. Professional engineers in the aeronautical industry.