Occupational Therapy,
Edition 1 Perspectives and Processes
By Rosemary Hagedorn, DipCOT, DipTCDHEd MSc(AOT)

Publication Date: 21 Aug 1995

A book which challenges all occupational therapists to evaluate their own practice and to carry out research. The author is already well known to occupational therapists as the author of Occupational Therapy: Foundations for Practice. In this new book she provides a review of the profession as well as an update of current ideas concerning the core of occupational therapy.

The book is divided into two parts: Part1 -Perspectives, reviews the core philosophy, purposes and methods of the practice of occupational therapy. Part 2 -Processes, examines seven basic processes used by therapists. The book will be invaluable to occupational therapists at all levels. In presenting her individual perspective on occupational therapy theory and practice Rosemary Hagedorn has written a book which will help all health care workers to improve their understanding of the scope of occupational therapy.

This book not only identifies and defines the core skills central to O.T. practice, but shows how the skills are related to the therapeutic approaches most commonly used. These skills are presented within a structured framework (or model) which will be of great relevance to current thinking in O.T., as the profession is presently endeavouring to define its professional role.

Key Features

  • and key topics discussed are:
  • nature of occupation and occupational therapy
  • core concepts -- how occupational therapy is unique
  • occupational therapist's view of occupation, the environment, person and therapist
  • recent developments within occupational therapy in the UK
  • relationship of theory to practice
  • description of seven occupational processes
  • terminology -- definitions of terms are clarified and discussed
  • reflective exercises encourage examination of personal ideas and practice Important new presentations from the author include:
  • models of the occupational nature of a person and process-driven pattern of practice
  • hierarchy of occupations and associated structure for occupational analysis
  • About the author
    By Rosemary Hagedorn, DipCOT, DipTCDHEd MSc(AOT), Freelance author and Lecturer, Arundel, UK
    Table of Contents
    PART 1 PERSPECTIVES Occupational Therapy : A Retrospective. Definitions. In Search of the Core. The Person. Occupation. Environment. The Therapist. The Prescription of Activities as Therapy. Occupational Therapy : Macroanalysis. The Productive Self. PART 2 PROCESSES Case Management. Intervention. Assessment and Evaluation. Occupational Analysis and Adaptation. Environmental Analysis and Adaptation. Therapeutic Use of Self. Management of Resources. PART 3 PERSPECTIVES and PROCESSES Postscript: Perspectives and Processes. REFERENCES and BIBLIO GLOSSARY and APPENDICES INDEX
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    ISBN: 9780443049781
    Page Count: 328
    Illustrations : 37 ills.
    Retail Price : £43.99
    Occupational therapists in training and practice