Surgical Nursing,
Edition 1 Advancing Practice
By Kim Manley and Loretta Bellman

Publication Date: 11 Feb 2000
This comprehensive book looks at the art and science of surgical nursing. Covering many of the essential issues relevant to the care of adults undergoing surgery in a range of settings, the text explores the nature of surgical nursing in all its guises, addressing challenging contemporary issues and measuring outcomes. It also explains the principles, whichunderlie the nursing care of patients throughout their surgical journey - from assessment and diagnosis, through pre- and intra-operative care, to the post-operative recovery phase and discharge. The physiological and scientific basis of practice is set out clearly and succinctly, while complex issues of care are explored through the use of reflection activities and short case studies. The text addresses issues, which will help nurses develop their role and their philosophy of care and assist in the improvement of patient management.

Key Features

  • The book looks at surgical nursing from the nurses not the surgeons point of view
  • This is a British text, in a subject area dominated by US books
    About the author
    By Kim Manley, Lecturer/Practitioner, Institute of Advanced Nursing Education, Royal College of Nursing, London, UK and Loretta Bellman, Lecturer, Institute of Advanced Nursing Education, Royal College of Nursing, London, UK
    Table of Contents
    Introduction PART 1 the SURGICAL NURSE & The NATURE of SURGICAL NURSING: the Role of the Surgical Nurse and Knowledge for Practice. The Surgical Nurse as Independent & Collaborative Practitioner. The Surgical Nurse as Teach & Health Promoter. Ethical & Legal Aspects of Nursing Surgical Patients. Support for the Surgical Nurse & supportingOthers. Clinical Career Structure/Opportunities for Nurses Caring for Surgical Patients. PART 2 the PERSON UNDERGOING SURGERY: thePerson as a Holistic Being. Physiological Implications of Surgery. Psychological Implications of Surgery. Socio-Cultural Implications for Surgery. The Patient/Client at Different Life Stages in the Surgical Setting PART 3 the ENVIRONMENT for SURGERY: theChanging Setting for Surgery. Principles of Infection Control /The Hospital Environment. The Pre-Admission Clinic. The High Dependency Unit. The Health Centre Environment PART 4 HEALTH OUTCOMES of SURGERY: Health Outcomes of Surgery. Clinical Indicators & Outcomes in Surgery PART 5 KEY CONCEPTS WHEN CARING for PATIENTS UNDERGOING SURGERY: Principlesof Preparing Patients/Clients for Surgery. Principles of Intr-Operative Care. Principles of Post-Operative Care. Maintaining Effective Breathing. Pain Control. Managing Nausea & Vomiting. Maintaining Adequate Circulation. Fluid & Electrolyte Balance. Maintaining Optimum Nutrition. Wound Drainage, Health & Management
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    ISBN: 9780443054211
    Page Count: 688
    Illustrations : 77 ills.
    Retail Price : £58.99
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    Post-Registration Nurses (surgical nursing, theatre nursing, intensive care nursing courses), Pre-Reg adult branch students, Practising Nurses (working in surgical settings)