Paediatric Intensive Care Nursing,
Edition 1
By Carol Williams and Julie Asquith

Publication Date: 17 Dec 1999
A comprehensive textbook on caring for the infant and child in intensive care. The text includes specific illness / disorders with related A & P, medical management and nursing care and a complete guide to the problems and solutions of working in the PICU.
About the author
By Carol Williams, Special Clinical Nurse, Guy's and Thomas's NHS Trust, UK and Julie Asquith, Senior Nurse, Guy's and Thomas's NHS Trust, UK
Table of Contents
Assessment of the Critically Ill Child · Monitoring Physiological Signs · Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation · Transportation of the Critically Ill Child · Respiratory Function · Respiratory Disorders · Cardiovascular Functions · Cardiovascular Disorders · Neurological Dysfunction · Renal Dysfunction · Infectious Disorders · Child with Mulitple Injuries · Child with Thermal Injuries · Gastrointestinal Tract Dysfunction · Haematological and Oncological Emergencies · Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders · Family Support in PICU · Care of the Dying Child · Pain Assessment and Management · Care of the Long-Term Ventilated Child · Legal and Ethical Issues in PICU · Nutritional Needs of the Critically Ill Child · Pharmacological Support in the PICU · Quality Assurance and Audit in the PICU
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ISBN: 9780443055287
Page Count: 456
Illustrations : 102 ills.
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Postgraduate students in paediatric, neonatal and general intensive care courses, intensive care nursing