International Dictionary of Homeopathy,
Edition 1 International Dictionary of Homeopathy
By Jeremy Swayne, BA, BM, Bch, MRCGP, FFHom

Publication Date: 02 May 2000
This dictionary provides an authoritative, up-to-date, international consensus on the definition or interpretation of concepts necessary to an understanding of the principles and practice of homeopathy. It is compiled through the help of a panel of international experts, and is written as a reference work for homeopaths, but it will also help integrate homeopathy into medical practice as a whole. It reconciles conceptual differences and inconsistencies and provides a unifying and progressive influence on the development of homeopathic medicine.

Key Features

  • Fully accessible to the modern-day practitioner and student, especially those from a medical background
  • An international consensus view on the definition o both basic and contentious terms
  • A fully realistic base for the student entering this field to gain a coherent view of terminology and concepts
  • Destined to become a must buy alongside a materia medica and a repertory!
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    By Jeremy Swayne, BA, BM, Bch, MRCGP, FFHom, Dean, Faculty of Homeopathy, London, UK
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    ISBN: 9780443060090
    Page Count: 280
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