Rehabilitation in Adult Nursing Practice,
Edition 1
Edited by Mike Smith, MSc, RN

Publication Date: 01 Apr 1999
The key text consists of 10 chapters, each written by subject experts. It aims to provide nurses with the fundamental skills and knowledge they require in order to practise rehabilitation techniques safely and effectively. Those seeking more detailed information specific to their specialty will be guided to other texts. It brings a nursing focus to this topic, which has been needed but not available for many years. The style is informative and instructive, and is very much a book for the hands-on practitioner.

Key Features

  • Brings a nursing focus to the topic, which has been needed but not available for many years.
  • Informative and instructive style
  • Very hands-on approach
  • This book has high PREP currency. It will be easy to use this book to provide evidence of professional development in portfolios.
    About the author
    Edited by Mike Smith, MSc, RN, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health, South Bank University, London
    Table of Contents
    The Nature of Rehabilitation. Nursing and Rehabilitation. The Nurse as Educator in Rehabilitation. The Nurse as Psychological Support in Rehabilitation. The Rehabilitation Nurse as Technical Expert and Provider of Care. The Nurse as Rehabilitation Team Worker and Co-Ordinator. The Nurse as Rehabilitation Researcher and Auditor. Support for Rehabilitation in Adult Nursing. Educating Rehabilitation Nurses. Directions for Rehabilitation in Adult Nursing
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    ISBN: 9780443060120
    Page Count: 292
    Illustrations : 75 ills.
    Retail Price : £35.99
    Nurses in neuro-rehabilitation, orthopaedics, spinal injuries, elderly care, cardiology, respiratory