Anatomy and Physiology Applied to Health Professions,
Edition 7
By Jennifer Rhind, BSc, PhD and Joyce Greig

Publication Date: 17 Oct 2002
Rhind and Greig provide a multidisciplinary introduction to anatomy and physiology for health professionals and nursing students. This new edition has been expanded to guide complementary therapist students through key issues in anatomy and physiology.

Key Features

· The book covers the basic level of A & P· Systems approach taught in an easy accessible way· Easy to copy line drawings· The authors use an accessible language level to explain otherwise complicated topics· Self-test questions at the end of each chapter· Boxes highlighting relevance to different therapies

New Features

  • The content is now multidisciplinary including complementary therapies such as aromatherapy, Alexander technique, Bowen technique, herbalism, kinesiology, massage and reflexology
  • It will also be useful to students studying A & P at basic level, such as beauticians, sport therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists
  • About the author
    By Jennifer Rhind, BSc, PhD, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK and Joyce Greig, Lecturer, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK
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    ISBN: 9780443070310
    Page Count: 162
    Retail Price : £26.99
    Basic nursing course & complementary therapy courses