Research Made Easy in Complementary and Alternative Medicine,
Edition 1
By Mark Kane, MA, DO, ND, MBAcC

Publication Date: 19 Dec 2003
This is a clear and lively book intended for students and practitioners from a variety of healthcare backgrounds who want to gain a first foothold in understanding research. It is a highly engaging and very visually attractive introduction to research which students and practitioners will use to gain confidence and to develop as far as initiating small practice based research projects. The book will outline how to get started, how to formulate useful and answerable research questions, a range of methodologies set in terms of their usefulness and limitations, strategies for seeing the project through and writing up the results. Pitfalls and pointers are highlighted along the way.

Key Features

  • Provides a realistic and clear introduction to understanding research
  • Features simple explanation of all key concepts
  • Offers clear guidance on how to formulate and initiate a project
  • Includes a summary of pros and cons of each research methodology
  • Provides examples relating to each method
  • Includes checklists, summary boxes, warnings, tips and illustrations in abundance
About the author
By Mark Kane, MA, DO, ND, MBAcC
Table of Contents
Section 1: Introduction
1. Introduction
2. General design issues
3. Reviewing the literature
4. Research ethics
Section 2: Strategies
5. Action research
6. Case Studies
7. Ethnography
8. Experiments
9. Surveys
10. Systematic reviews
Section 3: Collecting Data
11. Sampling
12. Interviews
13. Questionnaires
14. Observations
Section 4: Analysis and Presentation
15. Introduction to analysis
16. Qualitative analysis
17. Quantitative analysis
Section 5: Writing Up
1 Writing Up
Book Reviews
Paul A Komesaroff MBBS, BSc(Hons)MA, PHD,FRACP December, 2004
"The work covers an astonishingly wide range of issues in a lucid, reliable and readable manner. Vigorous efforts are made to keep the material dynamic and accessible. The text manages to be both didactic and engaging. This is a significant achievement and will no doubt serve the purpose of providing a readable text and a useful reference guide."
Book details
ISBN: 9780443070334
Page Count: 224
Retail Price : £23.99
Note - with the titles below, as with the competition, the level is the key factor. Kane's book is set to be a more accessible and dynamic text than any seen to date! The closest comparison, mentioned by reviewers, is Polgar and Thomas, but this will be even more accessible and considerably more visually appealing and exciting.

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  • Lewith et al: Research in Complementary Medicine
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  • Audience
    Students of healthcare professions, especially allied health (e.g. OT) and complementary therapy professions. Of interest also to first and second year medical and nursing (and midwifery) students.
    J Josephine Morris
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    J Josephine Morris
    people find this review helpful