Clinical Skills in Treating the Foot,
Edition 2
By Warren Turner, BSc(Hons), DpodM and Linda M. Merriman, MPhil, DPodM, MCHS Cert

Publication Date: 17 Aug 2005
The eagerly awaited new edition of Clinical Skills in Treating the Foot has been revised and updated with the needs of a broad range of health professionals in mind. For anyone treating patients with foot disorders, Clinical Skills in Treating the Foot will provide invaluable support through three key areas: Section 1 is concerned with the general principles of managing foot disorders and the context in which treatment of the foot takes place. Included are chapters on treatment planning, evidence based practice, governance and audit, clinical protocols, clinical emergencies and health promotion. Section 2 examines the application of clinical therapeutics to foot disease and includes chapters on operative techniques, surgery and the foot, pharmacology, physical therapy, mechanical therapeutics, chairside devices, prescription devices and footwear therapy. Section 3 considers the particular needs of special groups and includes chapters on the adult foot, the child's foot, sports injuries and management of tissue viability. With its clarity of text and liberal use of case studies and illustrations, the latest edition of Clinical Skills will be required reading for practising and student podiatrists. It will also be a valuable reference and guide for all others involved in the provision of treatment of the foot. This book has been written as a companion volume to the editors' Assessment of the Lower Limb, also published by Elsevier Churchill Livingstone.

Key Features

  • Written by an experienced team of clinicians who also understand the needs of students as well as practitioners
  • Logical and clear structure makes it easy to use for both clinicians and students
  • Each chapter is self-contained and can be used for independent reading topics
  • Case histories and clinical comment sections illustrate important clinical points
  • Key points and summaries provides assistance for learning and review
  • Features approximately 400 illustrations

New Features

  • Half of the contributors are new - more experienced clinicians than those used for the previous edition
  • New chapter by new author on Clinical Governance (replacing old chapter of Audit and Outcome Measurement)
  • Major revision by new authors of chapter on Treatment Planning to reflect new developments and changes in pracice
  • Completely rewritten chapter by new authors on Clinical protocols
  • Major revision by new author of the chapter on Foot health education and promotion
  • Major rewrite with new author of the chapter on Pharmacology which will have expanded sections on topical and injected steroids and prescription medicines.
  • Major revision by new authors of the chapter on Physical therapy
  • New section on chairside devices in the chapter on Mechanical therapeutics in the clinic (new authors involved)
  • Chapter on Prescription orthoses now replaced with new chapter by new authors on Prescription devices..
  • Major rewrite by new author of the chapter on sports injuries
  • New chapter on Managing tissue viability repaces the old chapter on the Management of foot ulcers and now incorporates the material previously covered in old appendices 1 and 2 on Management of exudation in ulcers and Footcare advice for people with diabetes.
  • About the author
    By Warren Turner, BSc(Hons), DpodM, Pro-Dean (Contracts & Business Enterprise), South Bank University, Faculty of Health & Social Care, London South Bank University, UK and Linda M. Merriman, MPhil, DPodM, MCHS Cert, Associate Dean Postgraduate & External Affairs, School of Health & Social Sciences, Coventry University, Coventry, UK
    Table of Contents
    Section 1 Essential Principles of Management1. Treatment Planning2. Evidence Based Practice and Clinical Governance3. Clinical Protocols4. Clinical Emergencies5. Health and Health PromotionSection 2 Methods of Managing Foot Conditions6. Operative Techniques7. Surgery and the Foot8. Pharmacology9. Physical Therapy10. Mechanical Therapy11. Mechanical Therapeutics in the Clinic12. Prescription Orthoses13. Footwear TherapySection 3 Managing Specific Client Groups14. The Adult Foot15. The Child’s Foot16. Management of the Sports Patient17. Management of Tissue ViabilityIndex
    Book Reviews
    "This is a really useful book, with a clear and logical arrangement of chapters. It discusses the different treatments at the podiatrist's disposal, providing good diagrammatic and photographic illustration to aid understanding, as well as discussing treatments options for specific client groups and the factors that need to be considered.I would recommend it to any undergraduate as a key text book, very readable and worth investing in."Liz Perkins, University of Southampton
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    ISBN: 9780443071133
    Page Count: 496
    Retail Price : £55.99
    0-443-06883-6, 978-0-443-06883-6, Tyrrell & Carter: Therapeutic Footwear, A Comprehensive Guide, Dec-20080-7020-3107-0, 978-0-7020-3107-6, Metcalfe & Reilly: Foot and Ankle Injection Techniques, A Practical Guide, Mar-20100-443-07112-8, 978-0-443-07112-6, Merriman & Turner: Assessment of the Lower Limb, 2e, Oct-2002
    Osteopaths; Podiatry students and practitioners; Chiropodists and GPs.