The Newborn Child,
Edition 9
By Peter G. B. Johnston, MB, FRCP, FRCPCH MD, MA, Kristie Flood and Karen Spinks

Publication Date: 09 Dec 2002
This is the ninth edition of a well-established, introductory text providing in-depth information on the care of the newborn, both normal and abnormal, full-term and pre-term, from minor to major abnormalities and illnesses. It provides an introduction to neonatology, concentrating on common conditions,for all health professionals concerned with care of the newborn.

Key Features

  • The concise, readable text facilitates the comprehension of content.
  • The content is firmly evidence-based to ensure best practices.
  • Key points listed throughout the text assist in learning and comprehension.
  • Color photos illustrate important clinical conditions.
  • New Features

  • The text is now fully referenced to give recent evidence base
  • Fully updated in line with recent guidelines e.g. resuscitation
  • Recent developments in intensive care (particularly of preterm neonates) and pharmacology
  • More about the care of normal babies, including the parents' perspective
  • Increased emphasis on the nursing/midwifery aspects
  • New material on neonatal encephalopathy; genetic disorders; social and psychological care of the family
  • About the author
    By Peter G. B. Johnston, MB, FRCP, FRCPCH MD, MA, Formerly Consultant Paediatrician, West Dorset General Hospitals NHS Trust, Dorset, UK Professor of Radiation Oncology and Hematology/Oncology, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA, USA; Kristie Flood, Staff Nurse, Special Care Baby Unit, Royal United Hospital, Bath, UK and Karen Spinks, Senior Staff Nurse, Special Care Baby Unit, Royal United Hospital, Bath, UK
    Table of Contents
    Introduction 1. Maternal and Fetal Health2. Care of the Infant at Birth3. Physiology of the Neonate4. Examination of the Newborn and Detection of Abnormality5. Care of the Normal Infant6. Pre-term Infants7. Intensive Neonatal Care8. Birth Injury and Neurological Disorders9. Infections10. Hematological Problems and Jaundice11. Congenital Malformations and Genetic Disorders12. Helping the Parents13. Neonatal PharmacopeiaIndex
    Book details
    ISBN: 9780443071591
    Page Count: 288
    Illustrations : 135 ills.
    Retail Price : £35.99
    One UK book:Kelnar et al: The Sick Newborn Baby, 0702016470, 1995, Bailliere Tindall, £20.99, 484ppA handbook of neonatal care for sick babies only; has a unified nursing/medical approach. There are several USA books on our list which will reflect obvious cultural differences: Thureen et al Assessment and Care of the Well Newborn, 0721661424, 1998, WB Saunders, £32.99, 350ppDiscusses all aspects of care for the term newborn, it emphasizes a multi-disciplinary approach to care with contributions by both physicians and nurses.Kenner et al Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing: A Physiologic Perspective, 0721665357, 1997, W.B. Saunders, £92.99, 1059pp Huge 'tome', nursing audience onlySeidel et al: Primary Care of the Newborn 3e, 0815186819, Mosby Inc, 1997£28.99, 632 pages Aimed at medical audienceMyers Gorrie et al: Foundations of Maternal-newborn Nursing, 0721686524, 1998, WB Saunders, Hardcover - 992 pages, £46.99Extensive full colour, text, nursing only
    Student and practising neonatal nurses and midwives, trainee paediatricians.