Handbook of Pain Management,
Edition 1 A Clinical Companion to Textbook of Pain
By Ronald Melzack, OC, FRSC, PhD and Patrick D. Wall, FRS, DM, FRCP

Publication Date: 04 Aug 2003
The essential companion to the Textbook of Pain, this book provides the pain specialist and trainee with an easy-to-access overview on the management complexities, assessment tools and multiple treatment modalities that are currently available to the physician dealing with the full spectrum of pain syndromes. The emphasis throughout is on the clinical aspects of pain medicine. It contains the core information that the practitioner and trainee needs.

Each chapter is brief and succinctly written, with key information provided in accessible tables and summary charts. The book is divided into two main sections: clinical states (acute, chronic and cancer pain) and therapeutic aspects (pharmacological, surgical, physiotherapy, psychotherapy) - and it presents a rational, multidisciplinary approach to the management of pain.

Key Features

  • Designed for concise, quick reference
  • Provides core information needed for accurate diagnosis and management of patients
  • Accessible and affordable introduction to pain medicine
  • Edited by Melzack & Wall themselves - giving reassurance that the information is from a knowledgeable and trusted source
  • Suitable as a recommended text for pain specialists in training
  • About the author
    By Ronald Melzack, OC, FRSC, PhD, E. P. Taylor Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada and Patrick D. Wall, FRS, DM, FRCP, Professor Emeritus of Physiology, St Thomas’s Hospital, London, UK
    Table of Contents
    Soft tissue, joints and bones

    Acute and postoperative pain
    Michael Cousins, Ian Power
    Paul Creamer
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Malcolm I V Jayson
    Muscles, tendons and ligaments
    Dianne J Newham, Kerry R Mills
    Chronic back pain
    Donlin M Long
    Upper extremity pain
    Anders E Sola
    Robert M Bennett

    Deep and visceral pain

    Abdominal pain
    Laurence M Blendis
    Heart, vascular and haemopathic pain
    Paolo Procacci, Massimo Zoggi, Marco Maresca
    Chronic pelvic pain
    Andrea J Rapkin
    Obstetric pain
    John S McDonald
    Genitourinary pain
    Ursula Wesselmann, Arthur L Burnett


    Orofacial pain
    Yair Sharav
    Trigeminal, eye and ear pain
    Joanna M Zakrozwska
    Jean Schoenen, Peter S Sándor

    Nerve and root damage

    Phantom pain and other phenomena after amputation
    Troels Scaehelin Jensen, Lone Nikolajsen
    Peripheral neuropathies
    J W Scadding
    Complex regional pain syndrome
    J W Scadding
    Nerve root disorders and arachnoiditis
    David Dubuisson

    Central nervous system

    Central pain
    Jörgen Boivie
    Spinal cord injury
    Aleksander Beric
    Pain and psychological medicine
    Harold Merskey


    Antipyretic (non-narcotic) analgesics
    Kay Brune, Hanns Ulrich Zeilhofer
    Psychotropic drugs
    Richard Monks, Harold Merskey
    Robert G Twycross
    Local anaesthetics and epidurals
    H J McQuay, RA Moore
    Atypical analgesic drugs and sympathetic blockers
    R Munglani, R G Hill


    Disc surgery
    Erik Spangfort
    Orthopaedic surgery
    Robert F McLain, James N Weinstein
    Central neurosurgery
    Jan M Gybels, Ron R Tasker


    Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, vibration and acupuncture as
    pain-relieving measures
    Per Hansson, Thomas Lundeberg
    Spinal cord and brain stimulation
    Brian A Simpson

    Physical therapies

    Ultrasound, shortwave, microwave, laser, superficial heat and cold in the
    treatment of pain
    Justus F Lehmann, Barbara J de Lateur
    Mobilization, manipulation, massage and exercise for the relief of
    musculoskeletal pain
    Scott Haldeman, Paul D Hooper

    Psychological therapies

    The placebo and the placebo response
    Patrick D Wall
    Relaxation and biofeedback
    Barton A Jessup, Xochitl Gallegos
    Nicholas P Spanos, Sharon J Carmanico, Jacqueline A Ellis
    A cognitive-behavioral approach to pain management
    Dennis C Turk, Akiko Okifuji
    Behavioral therapy
    Francis J Keefe, John C Lefebvre
    Prevention of disability due to chronic musculoskeletal pain
    Steven James Linton

    Age and sex difference

    Pain in children
    Charles B Berde, Bruce Masek
    Pain in the elderly
    Lucia Gagliese, Joel Katz, Ronald Melzack
    Sex and gender differences in pain
    Karen J Berkley, Anita Holdcroft

    Neuropathic and burn pain

    Peripheral neuropathic pain: an approach to management
    Howard L Fields, Ralf Baron, Michael C Rowbotham
    Pain of burns
    Manon Choinière

    Cancer pain

    Cancer pain: principles of assessment and syndromes
    Nathan I Cherny, Russell K Portenoy
    Practical issues in the management of cancer pain
    Nathan I Cherny, Russell K Portenoy
    Cancer pain and palliative care in children
    Charles B Berde, John J Collins
    Cancer: psychiatric and ethical issues
    William Breithart, Steven D Passik, Barry D Rosenfeld
    Pain and impending death
    Cicely M Saunders, Michael Platt
    Book Reviews
    "This clinical companion should form part of the library for all pain services and would be extremely useful in the recovery room for all grades of staff. This volume is crammed with easy to understand tables and figures that would be useful for teaching purposes" Felicia Cox, British Journal of Perioperative Nursing, June 2004
    Book details
    ISBN: 9780443072017
    Page Count: 768
    Illustrations : 200 ills.
    Retail Price : £87.99
    Raj, Practical Management of Pain 3e, 0815125690, 2,000, Mosby. 1,008pp, $160. This text focuses more on the "how to" aspects of pain management and therapy.
    Waldman, Interventional Pain Management 2e, 0721687482, WB Saunders, 800pp $150. Like the Raj, this text also emphasises the practical aspects of pain management techniques and treatment-in depth coverage of how to administer neural blocks.
    Specialists and trainees in pain medicine, Anesthesiologists, Neurologists, Psychologists, Physical Therapists