Assertive Outreach,
Edition 1 A Strengths Approach to Policy and Practice
By Peter Ryan, DProf, MSc, CQSW and Steve Morgan, BA, BPL, DipCOT, MA

Publication Date: 01 Mar 2004
This book gives a comprehensive, evidence-based account of assertive outreach from a Strengths perspective. Emphasising developing a collaborative approach to working with the service user, which stresses the achievement of the service user's own aspirations, and building upon the service user's own strengths and resources.The book gives a comprehensive, authoritative approach to the subject, which combines both an overview of the policy and practice issues. It makes use of extensive case study material, to illustrate individual and team circumstances. Both authors have over ten years experience of working in this field, and have published extensively on assertive outreach.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive and authoritative
  • Integrates policy and practice
  • Extensive use of case study material
  • Evidence-based
About the author
By Peter Ryan, DProf, MSc, CQSW, Professor of Mental Health, Middlesex University, Chair of Mental Health Academic Group, Chair of ENTER Mental Health and Steve Morgan, BA, BPL, DipCOT, MA, Independent Mental Health Consultancy, 'Practice-Based Evidence', London
Table of Contents
Part 1 – A Guide to Policy 1. The Origins and Evidence for Case Management2. The Transformation of Case Management into Assertive Outreach: The Policy Context 1985-2003 3. The Purpose and Principles of a ‘Strengths’ Approach Part 2 – A Guide to Practice 1. Ethical Dilemmas 2. The Foundations of Creative Collaboration 3. Targeting: Who is the Client? 4. Developing Trusting Working Relationships 5. Strengths Assessment 6. Care Planning and Care Coordination 7. Working with the Service User 8. Risk-Taking 9. Practice Based Evidence
Book Reviews
""This book combines a set of values with evidence-baised practice and utilises the strength model of care."" Lindsey Coombes, Community Practtioner, July 2004book offers a wealth of information on the development of assertive outreach and its practical application. The authors adopt a 'strengths' approach - an essential and refreshing alternative to the medical model or problem-focused approach."" Tobby Williamson, Mental Health, August 2004
Book details
ISBN: 9780443073755
Page Count: 286
Retail Price : £39.99
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The book is targeted at a wide-ranging audience of people involved in commissioning, managing and delivering the services
  • students on professional qualifying courses in occupational therapy, nursing, physiotherapy, social work, clinical psychology and psychiatry
  • postgraduate students on postgraduate multi-disciplinary training programmes
  • managers, senior managers and fieldworkers involved in setting up and running assertive outreach teams throughout the UK.