Physiotherapy in Orthopaedics,
Edition 2 A Problem-Solving Approach
By Karen Atkinson, MSc, GradDipPhys, CertEd, DipTP, Fiona J. Coutts, MSc, MCSP and Anne-Marie Hassenkamp, MSc, MCSP, MACP

Publication Date: 22 Mar 2005
Drawing on their many years of experience in various orthopaedic settings, the authors of this valuable resource describe how to apply clinical reasoning to a diverse range of patient problems. The content of the book progresses logically from normal to abnormal findings and from simple to complex conditions. Engaging case studies and self-assessment sections help readers develop a reasoned and logical approach to the management of orthopaedic patients.

Key Features

  • Chapter summaries emphasize key areas of importance.
  • Case studies illustrate problem-solving approaches and demonstrate how to manage specific client groups.
  • Objectives and prerequisites are included for each section, alerting readers to what they should know before and after reading.
  • Reading and practice assignments include recommended prerequisite knowledge and experience.
  • Well-illustrated text includes line diagrams, photographs, and radiographs to clarify important concepts.

New Features

  • New chapters on Hydrotherapy and Gait present current knowledge on these areas.
  • Chapters have been updated to include more information on the upper limb.
  • Chapters on Decision Making and Clinical Reasoning in Orthopaedics and Gait Analysis in the Clinical Situation have been thoroughly updated and revised.
About the author
By Karen Atkinson, MSc, GradDipPhys, CertEd, DipTP, Senior Lecturer, School of Health and Bioscience, University of East London, London; Fiona J. Coutts, MSc, MCSP, Lecturer, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh and Anne-Marie Hassenkamp, MSc, MCSP, MACP, Superintendent Physiotherapist, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, Middlesex
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Problem Solving
2. Changes in the Musculoskeletal System
3. Recognition of Change in the Musculoskeletal System:Assessment
4. Decision Making and Clinical Reasoning in Orthopaedics
5. Management of Fractures
6. Soft Tissue Injuries
7. Rheumatic Conditions
8. Total Joint Replacement
9. Bone Diseases
10. Gait Analysis in the Clinical Situation
11. Hydrotherapy
Book Reviews
"I found this book to be very well organized and easy to read. The concepts were presented so that both students and seasoned clinicians would understand them and be able to apply them to practice.
It achives its goal of helping students to focus on the patient and to realize that they have many and varied transferable skills they can draw upon in any situation.
This text is a must-have in any orthopedic clinic."
Advance for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants, November 2005
Book details
ISBN: 9780443074066
Page Count: 376
Retail Price : £47.99
Kesson and Atkins, Orthopaedic Medicine (March 1998), £32.00, 480pp, sold 3788 copies to date. New edition due 2005
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Tidswell, Orthopaedic Physiotherapy (Oct 1998) £23.99 264pp, sold 3050 copies to date
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Physiotherapy students, newly qualified staff, senior level II physiotherapists working in orthopaedics, nurses, occupational therapists, undergraduate medical students
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