Oral Medicine,
Edition 1
By Sergio Gandolfo, MD, DDS, Crispian Scully, MD, PhD and Marco Carrozzo, MD DDS

Publication Date: 17 Oct 2006
This title has been authored by professionals working in Europe and uses a unique combination of systematic, methodical and concise easy-access text with superb color clinical photographs to help dental practitioners recognize the signs and symptoms of conditions affecting the soft tissues of the mouth (e.g. ulcers and oral cancer) as well as the oral effects of systemic diseases. Flowcharts also illustrate the processes of diagnosis and treatment and lists differential diagnoses by site and by symptom.

Key Features

  • Clearly describes and illustrates 76 oral conditions under standardized headings of clinical features, incidence, aetiology, diagnosis and management.
  • Gives therapeutic protocols with associated flowcharts to correspond with the trend towards protocol-driven treatment.
  • Includes diagnostic flowcharts for major symptoms such as ulcers and red lesions, placed beside clinical photos to guide the reader systematically through the diagnostic process.
  • Provides step-by-step instructions on how to carry out biopsies and toluidine blue staining.
About the author
By Sergio Gandolfo, MD, DDS, Professor and Head of the Department of Dentistry, S. Luigi University Hospital, Orbassano, Turin; Dean of the Postgraduate School in Oral Surgery and Master in Oral Medicine and Special Needs Care, University of Torino, Italy; Crispian Scully, MD, PhD, Director: WHO Collaborating Centre for Oral Health-General Health; King James IV Professor Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh); Emeritus Professor: UCL (London) and Visiting Professor; Universities of Athens, Edinburgh, Helsinki, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Plymouth and Marco Carrozzo, MD DDS, Professor and Chair of Oral Medicine, School of Dental Sciences, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
Table of Contents
Part 1: Diagnosis. Differential diagnosis by site. Differential diagnosis by signs and symptoms. Diagnostic flowcharts.
Part 2: Clinical features. Pathology.
Part 3: Therapy. Guide to the main drugs used in the treatment of oral mucosal diseases. Main drug side effects of oral and perioral localisation. Therapeutic protocols.
Part4: Biopsies and vital stains. How to perform a biopsy of the oral mucosa. How to perform a toluidine blue staining.
Book Reviews
“Resplendent with over 250 very clear colour photographs, it serves graphically to demonstrate an array of oral conditions of which dentists should be aware….The book is suitable for dental students and dentists just starting out in their careers but it will be useful to those undertaking post-graduate exams, too.¿

Bdanews. Vol 20 no 9, September 2007
Book details
ISBN: 9780443100376
Page Count: 208
Retail Price : £43.99
Cawson: Cawson's Essentials of Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine, 0443 071063, 2002, Churchill Livingstone

Our most successful UK oral medicine book. It is twice the length of Gandolfo and has a much more discursive text text and wider coverage, with a section on the medically compromised patient. Gandolfo focuses more narrowly on brief, methodical description of oral medicine conditions and on diagnostic and therapeutic flowcharts. Cawson has a discursive, standard textbook type approach, Gandolfo is a colour atlas with a practically-focused, minimalist text

Scully: Orofacial Disease (Dental Update series), 0443 71845, 2003, Churchill Livingstone

Aimed at general dental practitioners, higher level than Gandolfo

Scully: Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine, 07236 10746, 2003, Churchill Livingstone

Much more text-heavy than Gandolfo - more detailed and higher level. A textbook, whereas Gandolfo has an atlas-type approach.

Wray: Textbook of General and Oral Medicine, 0443 051895, 1999,Churchill Livingstone

Covers general medicine for the human disease part of the course as well as oral medicine. More textbook-like and less practical.

Sonis:Principles and Practice of Oral Medicine, 07216, 1994, Saunders

Much longer and more expensive.
Dental students
VDPs (dentists in first year of practice)
Dental residents, candidates for postgraduate dental exams