Churchill Livingstone's Dictionary of Nursing,
Edition 19
By Chris Brooker, BSc, MSc, RGN, SCM, RNT

Publication Date: 11 May 2006
The CL Dictionary of Nursing provides more depth and covers a greater variety of topics than pocket dictionaries. An exciting new feature is that this edition has its own website, making the book more portable, yet providing access to a massive amount of material. The A-Z entries and appendices have been completely updated and many new words/terms have been included. Entries have been carefully edited and illustrations selected to give a true nursing focus, and photographs have been included for the first time.
About the author
By Chris Brooker, BSc, MSc, RGN, SCM, RNT, Author and Lecturer, Norfolk, UK
Book Reviews
'This useful resource for nursing students includes access to a free supporting Evolve website with more than 7,500 entries. The site contains in-depth information about a selection of dictionary entries, nursing abbreviations and a spellchecker. A website icon alongside a main dictionary entry alerts the reader to additional material on the site. This innovation means that the dictionary is portable, yet provides access to a wide range of information'
Lisa Berry, Deputy Clinical Editor, Nursing Standard, August 23-29 2006
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ISBN: 9780443101755
Page Count: 304
Illustrations : Illustrated
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