Abdominal X-Rays Made Easy,
Edition 2
By James D. Begg, MB, BS, FRCR

Publication Date: 21 Apr 2006
This lively and entertaining manual on how to interpret abdominal radiographs will be invaluable to all medical students and junior doctors and has been written by a practising radiologist with many years' experience of teaching the subject. It outlines the few simple rules you need to follow, then explains how to sort out the initial and apparently overwhelming jumble of information which constitutes the abdominal X-ray. Knowledge of its contents will provide a secure base for tackling exams and the subsequent challenges of clinical practice.

Key Features

  • A comprehensive guide to all the common and serious conditions which are likely to be detected on a plain abdominal x-ray.
  • Explains both how to look and what to look for on an abdominal film.
  • Addresses exam technique to assist students preparing for clinical and OSCE exams.

New Features

  • Fully updated including developments in the use of digital radiography and new legislation on radiation exposure.

  • New additional illustrations of other complimentary forms of imaging such as the use of CT in suspected renal colic.
About the author
By James D. Begg, MB, BS, FRCR, Consultant Radiologist, Royal Victoria Hospital, Dundee and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiology, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK
Table of Contents
How to look at an abdominal X-Ray
Solid organs
Hollow organs
Abnormal gas
Abnormal intra-abdominal calcification
The female abdomen
Abdominal trauma
Iatrogenic objects
Foreign bodies/artefacts/misleading images
The acute abdomen
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ISBN: 9780443102578
Page Count: 228
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Medical Students and Junior Doctors